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View the Forget the Frock 2015 T-shirt design!

February 18, 2015

Last year we raised $3600 to support orphans in Nepal with our first “Forget the Frock” campaign. We’re excited to share the design for the “Forget the Frock” 2015 t-shirt, along with information about how you can help!

How “Forget The Frock” Works:

“Forget the Frock” started with Emily, a mom raised in the South, where Easter dresses and suits were excitedly anticipated and purchased months ahead of the big day. As Emily searched for her children’s Easter clothes one Spring, she couldn’t help but think of how her money could be better spent serving those in need–orphans. Instead of fancy dresses that year, Emily and her family wore Feeding the Orphans t-shirts. They shared their vision with others and over the last four years they’ve raised over $250,000 for orphan care. You can read her story here.


Where New Beginnings Fits In:

“Forget the Frock” 2015 allows other organizations that are focused on orphan care to partner with them and raise funds during the Easter season. We guarantee 100% of the net proceeds from the purchase of the Mangali Forget the Frock t-shirts will go to support orphans in the New Beginnings Mercy Nepal orphanage.


How You Can Help:

We’re asking you to with us. Forget the fancy suits and dresses this Easter. Instead, purchase and wear a t-shirt, knowing your funds will go to feed and educate orphans in Nepal. Want to do more? Donate the funds you know you would have spent on Easter “frocks” to orphan care. Ask your church or small group to join you in supporting orphans this Easter.

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