Corey and Meg

Dear Birthmother,

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and thank you for choosing adoption. We are sure that this is one of the toughest decisions you have ever had to make and you are so brave to put your baby’s needs before your own.  We hope that you find the perfect match for your baby that ultimately leaves a peace in your heart. We promise to always love your child, unconditionally. We will provide them with wonderful experiences, a loving family support system, and a foundation based on God’s grace and love. We will explain to your child the immense amount of love you have in your heart to make this unselfish and difficult decision for them.  Your story is important to us and we feel it is an essential part of their life’s journey. We hope you enjoy getting a glimpse of our family and that you are able to see our fun, loving personalities. We look forward to meeting you!


Corey and Meg


We have been together a little over 15 years and we’ve been married for 7 of those years. We have a beautiful, bubbly 5 year old daughter, Emmy, who is ecstatic about getting a baby sibling! Meg is Kindergarten teacher at the local, public elementary school. She enjoys her holidays and summers off to play and do fun “mommy” things. Corey is in sales and has a very flexible schedule. He often works from home which allows him the opportunity to be a very hands-on daddy! We are blessed to have both sets of our families within 15 miles of us. This allows us to spend time with them often. Both sides of our family can’t wait to love on the new baby!

As a family, we enjoy anything outdoors including hiking, kayaking, camping, swimming, or simply playing in our backyard. When we are stuck inside you can find us having a dance party in our kitchen, while singing on our daughter’s karaoke machine!  Meg enjoys doing arts and crafts with Emmy, preparing fun activities for her Kindergarteners, and finding bargains at garage sales. Corey enjoys working on projects around the house (he even completes some of them!), fishing at the neighborhood pond, and riding his bike around town. Emmy loves showing off her new tricks on her trampoline, racing around the block on her bike, and learning anything and everything about animals. We have 2 dogs and a cat.

Corey views Meg as very goal oriented. She likes to have everything planned out and organized. Meg would say Corey is more laid back and has a go-with-the-flow personality. Although their approach to day-to-day life may be different, they share the same core-values and beliefs when it comes to family. Meg has a heart the size of Texas and is always putting together “happies” for her friends, family, and students. She can find a “Pinterest project” for any and all occasions! Corey loves to make people laugh with his quick witted personality and believes everyone deserves a second chance in life. Corey is a wonderful Daddy who isn’t afraid to have his fingernails painted, pitch 1,000 softballs in the backyard, or cram his 6’2” body into a fort built by Emmy.  Both worked in the youth program at their church where Meg taught the girls’ Sunday school class and Corey served as a Deacon.


We live in a 3 bedroom home that has an additional playroom/family room in a small, quiet neighborhood. Most of our neighbors are younger families like us. Our street is always full of children riding their bikes and playing. We live in a small suburb of Memphis. Our home is close to the quaint town square where there are town festivals and farmers markets most every weekend. It has a wonderful public school system where Meg teaches and Emmy will attend next year.  Our church is also just a few miles down the road and has numerous adoptive families and is very multicultural.


We are a very active family and love having a good time! We are always visiting the zoo, going the local farm, visiting the children’s museum, and simply enjoying life. We are extremely family oriented and often spend time with our extended families. Meg’s parents just moved closer to us and now live just a few miles away. We usually have them over for dinner once a week and Emmy spends the night over there often. Corey’s parents are 20 minutes away and we also see them weekly. On Sundays the whole family meets up there after church. While visiting there, his mom cooks a big, Italian meal and the adults enjoy each other’s company. Meanwhile the cousins enjoy playing in the spacious backyard with a pond. One of our favorite things to do in the summer is to rent a cozy cabin in Arkansas right off the river- just to get away. It is peaceful and secluded. Corey’s and Emmy’s favorite activity there is to fish off the dock while Meg reads a book on the porch swing. Meg is a beach bum so we try to vacation there once a year, as well. Although Emmy loves any vacation, nothing will top when we drove all night to Florida and woke her up with a surprise to Disney World last summer!


Even before we married, we always knew we wanted several kids. Since we both grew up with siblings, we loved the excitement of having a large family. We always talked about the option of adoption and knew that we could love a child the same whether they were ours biologically or not. After having Emmy we knew she needed siblings, but weren’t sure when. When we decided it was time for another child, we just felt in our hearts that adoption was the way we would get our next baby.  We feel as though God has led us down the path of adoption and we couldn’t be more excited!  We have such a heart adoption and we know that we will be wonderful, loving, supportive, and nurturing parents to your baby.

A little more about us….

OccupationSalesKindergarten Teacher
EducationBachelor’s Degree in businessBachelor’s degree in Child Development

Master’s degree in Special Education

Favorite HobbyFootballArts and crafts
Favorite FoodBBQcookies
Favorite DessertCoconut CakeCheesecake
Favorite Holiday4th of JulyAll
Favorite MovieInto the WildMost anything Disney
Favorite TV ShowLostFriends
Favorite Vacation SpotThe MountainsThe Beach