Robin and Lauren

Dear Birthmother,

Any words we choose seem to fall short in light of what you are facing, but we are grateful for your beautiful, giving, selfless, courageous, heart, and we thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little bit better. God does not make any mistakes when it comes to life, so we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a tremendous story here for you and for your baby. It gives me such peace day in and day out to know God goes before us and makes our crooked paths straight and turns our ashes and brokenness into sheer radiance and glory. Life will never be easy for any of us, but it can be sweet and good and joyful even in the rough and tumble. So thankful today that He promises to turn everything for good. I love how “everything” means that no stone is left unturned. Please know that we celebrate you, we celebrate this baby, and we celebrate the love story that will be written out of your lives. My mom used to say this cute little phrase, so I will say farewell with her sentimental words: “May blessings chase you down the street and nibble at your heels.”

Much love,

Lauren & Robin


Our story is sweet and uniquely “us.” 😊 We met as teenagers.  There were definitely sparks from the get go, but they were not ignited until 25 years later, almost to the day. I thought Robin was the foxiest dude around, but he was a bit chicken to ask me for coffee or a meal, so our brief encounters fell flat until all the stars lined up.  Amazingly enough, our love story began over adoption. I was out of the country to bring my baby girl home from Nepal, and Robin saw my story on Facebook about my travels.  He reached out and that turned into six weeks of email correspondence and him being a true friend in need.  A year later, we walked down the aisle in the most perfect country wedding at my mom’s home place, and seven years later, the wild, exhilarating ride continues.  We have a beautiful daughter who is eight from Nepal and an adorable little seven-year-old son from China. Channing keeps asking when the “baby” will be here, and they will both be wonderful helpers. Our kids are both smart and loving and adventurous. We love to travel and have pets that we adore, frequent family parties often, and the best built-in Grandaddy this side of the Chattahoochie River. We want our home to be a safe haven for all of our loved ones, especially our children. If they have friends who need a place to land, we always want to have that open door. Robin and I are both people-loving souls to the core and don’t want anyone to walk away from either of us and not feel extra special. We love the Lord deeply and promise to raise our children in the light and strength of His great love and all He stands for, in spite of our humanness and frailty. We love our church family, and our pastor and his wife adopted their youngest two children, so we are kindred spirits.  I am an only child and have dreamed of a full house of kids since I was knee high to a tadpole. I am musical, artistic, loyal, sensitive, and march to my own drumbeat. I have a master’s degree, teach college, speak professionally, and have a media career. Currently, my focus is on drinking in every drop of time with these beautiful children before I blink and they are grown. I love to laugh, am very outgoing, am fairly tall, love sweets and animals, love making people feel included, and adore my father. My beautiful mom, a third of our Three Musketeers, passed away 12 years ago, and I often pray she gets to peek down from heaven to see this amazing family God has gifted me with. Robin is the baby of four children – three boys, one girl. He is a businessman and is always there for his customers.  He loves his job, the same company his dad worked for in his long, successful career. He, also, loves people with every fiber of his being, is very outgoing, great at golf, and the best cook around. His passion is making people smile through his special dishes. If you have a midnight craving, he is ready to jump in and create something extraordinary. He loves his kids and will move heaven and earth for them, yet also calls them to be amazing people, packed full of character. Oh, by the way, we are also great lovers of all holidays and find any reason to celebrate! Well, dear one, that’s us in a nutshell! Thank you, from the top and bottom of our hearts, for taking the time to see into our little corner of the world for a few, brief moments.


Our home is our sanctuary and farm to all our critters and kids. We are fairly new to our community, but have lots of family and lifelong friends close by. We love having get togethers, and since my husband is a hobby gourmet chef, all genres of people love coming. We have five acres, and actually this home and land are what brought us here. There are only seven homes in the gated community, and each house has 5-15 acres, so we all have lots of space. There are two ponds here, and one is fully stocked with fish. We really love our church here, and our kids go to school there, too – a huge blessing. I am a Bible teacher and enjoy getting to know all these ladies since we are still new. The town we live in is small but close to a very large city we can be to in 30 minutes. We enjoy going into the city for plays and musicals, strolls on the river, wonderful cuisine, and basketball games. My dad is from this city, so it is a second home to me and has been my entire life. My father, by the way, built a home on our property not long ago, so the kids enjoy running over to his place often – he’s 87 and a kindhearted retired dentist.


Robin and I both grew up with parents who were married over 50 years each. Robin’s dad passed away a long time ago, and his mom only two years ago. My mom sojourned 12 years ago, and Dad is the resident granddad the kids affectionately call “Papoo.”

We are close to both families and spend the holidays with both back and forth. Everyone lives within a two-hour drive. Robin is the youngest of four and has tons of nieces and nephews. Even though I am an only child, my mom was the youngest of eight, and my dad was the middle of five boys, so my extended family is huge. I am passionate about the holidays, so we go all out for each, Christmas being our favorite. We take in every possible event surrounding the most wonderful time of the year. We love birthdays, too, and travel often with the kids. We are all night owls by nature, except my dad, so we stay up with the chickens except on school nights. Both of our kids are athletes, so we anticipate great things for them in that arena. They are still a bit young, but we are already thinking about which sports to place them in. Our son was born deaf, but wears a cochlear implant, so he can hear some, especially with his amplifier. We love going out on the lake, snow skiing, and getting in the car and driving out West where we used to live. Adventure is our mantra!!


Growing up, I abhorred being an only child and literally begged my parents to adopt until I was about 15 or older. When I was really little, I told my folks one day…”When I am grown, I am going to adopt tons of kids, and you can’t tell me I can’t!” So I kept my word! When Robin and I started dating, I was in the process of adopting Channing already, so he knew that was my heart. Before we married, we had some long talks about it all, and I told him I wanted a lot of kids. I brought Channing home right before we married, and we adopted her together.  Then six years later, we got Knox; they are only 10 months apart. We would like two more who are closer to the same age, too, since Channing and Knox will be quite a bit older.

A little more about us….

OccupationInsurance AgentMedia Personality
EducationBA Undergraduate Degree in Business


MA Master’s Degree in Communications


BA Undergraduate Degree in Music


BA Undergraduate Degree in Communications


Favorite HobbyCooking & GolfPainting
Favorite FoodAsian CuisineAsian & Southern
Favorite DessertTiramisuChess Squares
Favorite HolidayThanksgivingChristmas!!!
Favorite MovieIt’s A Wonderful LifeMeet Me in St. Louis, 

The Mirror Has Two Faces,

Anything Nancy Meyers

Favorite TV Show“Diners, Drive Ins & Drives”Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
Favorite Music Artist/GroupPink FloydBruce Hornsby, Huey Lewis, Bonnie Raitt
Favorite Vacation SpotThe Mountains Italy