Dear Mama, 

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child. But even more than that, we want to acknowledge the fierce mama heart we already believe to be inside of you as you consider how to give your baby the best possible life. That protective heart that you are feeling is mama territory, and today it is yours. We also want to say that we see you, and whether you decide to move forward with an adoption plan or not, we hope you know that you also are fiercely loved. 

Thank you for choosing life and choosing to fight, despite the mountains you may have to climb. We can’t begin to imagine how hard of a journey this has been for you or how difficult it might continue to be. We hope you know it’s okay to wrestle. It’s okay to hurt. It’s okay to grieve. The gift of life you are giving to a child while you sacrifice so much of your own is huge, and it should not be taken for granted. 

If you should choose to entrust this precious life into our arms, we want you to know that it is our desire to forever commit ourselves to both of you. Your selflessness, courage and strength are forever stored in our hearts, and this will be the story we will tell our child over and over again as they grow. While you might allow us to raise this son or daughter, you will always be the one who brought them into the world. We promise to love every minute of the life you gave and treasure the bond that was created between the two of you. Your name will forever be spoke of with honor in our home. 

As the years turn from sleepy snuggles to healing hugs and eventually to honest conversations and tears cried together, we pray you will feel confident in knowing your son or daughter is extremely loved. We will be there for all of it. Every bit of our hearts will be theirs for every day of their lives. Mama, we’ll do our best to love as fiercely as you would. Know even now that you are in our thoughts and our prayers. 

Brandon + Jenni



He is selfless in every way, humble, hardworking and incredibly kind. He is 28 years old, 6’5 with brown hair and green eyes. He has a degree in Sports Studies and he works as a property investor. He loves a black cup of coffee, being a husband and a father, and spending time with family and friends. He also loves being outdoors. He likes hunting, fishing, hiking, going on walks, boating, camping, kayaking down the river, or even just enjoying a good bonfire. The most important thing you should know about him is that nothing means more than being a husband and dad. It’s easy to get wrapped up in distractions, but he believes his family is the most important thing he’ll ever invest in. We always have the best of him – his time, his energy, his presence, his commitment, and his love. 


I am loving, selfless, and strong, and I embrace every adventure of life. I am 29 years old, 5’9 with blonde hair and green eyes. I have a degree in Kinesiology & Exercise Science but I love that my current everyday job is being a stay at home mom. I love my family, sunrises and sunsets, and fellowship with friends. I also love a warm cup of coffee or tea, a cozy fireplace, and a good book. I enjoy hosting dinner parties, exercising, and keeping a tidy home, but exploring a place I’ve never been before excites me the most. The most important thing you should know about me is that being a mama is my personal passion. I have always dreamed about this season of life, and now that I am in it, I refuse to let a moment go by unnoticed. I will strive every day to live with a grateful heart and love the children I am honored to raise, both fiercely and forever. 

Our Story:

We have learned that very little in life is easy, but it’s easier when you have someone to share it with. We have found that in each other, and we hope our marriage models for our kids what love should look like. 

We met online in the spring of 2014. Noticing that we both loved the outdoors, we made plans to get together. We were originally going to go see a movie, but Brandon called last minute to ask if he could take me fishing down by the river instead. He tried so hard to impress me that night, but when I caught my first fish, he was shaking so badly that he cut my line and we lost it. Still, it was the start of our story. 

Brandon says he knew right away I’d have his heart forever. “When she agreed to go fishing instead of a movie for our first date, I knew I’d marry her someday. I continued to see how amazing and simple of a life she lived. And how much she loved the people around her, especially her nieces and her nephews…” 

It was family that made me see a future with Brandon, too. The first time he met my family, everyone loved him. I remember him sitting at the kitchen table, swapping hunting and fishing stories with my dad and my brothers. Then he was on the floor, playing with nieces and letting them paint his nail. And later he was out back, throwing a ball with my nephews. There was nothing unnatural or uncomfortable about it for him. He left that night with the biggest smile on his face, and I knew he would fit right in.

Brandon proposed a little while later, and we were married in March of 2016. A year later we welcomed home a sweet little boy. Easton James in September of 2017.  We’ve faced our share of struggles and seen victories unfold, but right now, we’re enjoying a season of dreaming. We can’t wait to watch our family grow. One day, we’d love to buy a house on the lake and enjoy days spent sitting on the beach. We also dream of owning an acreage where I will have fluffy chickens and a fluffy cow named Mable, Brandon will have a few more dogs, and our kids will have so much open space to run and play. 

We love living a simple life and strive to never take the people in it for granted. We are so excited to take this next step in our journey together and continue to figure out what God has in store for us. We have so much, and we know none of this would be possible without Him. We hope He is always glorified. 


We love adventure, but home is still always our favorite place to be. Our safe place. We live in a small, cozy home on the outskirts of town. We love the simplicity and comfort that being home brings. The smiles, the smells and being able to watch our life as it evolves daily, there is no other place like this. We live in a two-story home, with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Behind our home is a covered patio with a grill, fridge and a fireplace. Almost every summer night is spent out there. In the winter, we love our cozy basement where we can sit by the fireplace and see the toy room. 

We live in a safe, small town in the Midwest. There are only 3,500 people and two stop lights. Our neighborhood is a mix of young and older families who have become like family to us. There are bike trails and walking paths, a swimming pool and splash pad, awesome libraries and great schools. We couldn’t ask for more. The best part, we are close to family. We end up on the family farm most weekends. The kids play on the swing set, help papa with chores, feed the animals and livestock, ride on the UTV or 4-wheeler and really just play with his cousins. We believe these are the memories that matter! 


Family Activities:

  1. We love being outdoors. Whether it’s hiking, boating, kayaking, fishing, hunting, or shed antler hunting, we love being surrounded by nature. We believe it reveals God’s beauty, power, and presence. Being able to share these passions with our son has been one of the greatest gifts of our lives. 
  2. We seek out summertime adventures. We love going to the lake and camping in the summertime. We find ways to be active. We love going on walks, rolling around in the grass with the dogs, going on bike rides, heading to the park to play, and swimming at the pool. If we can be outside, we are! 
  3. We also enjoy traveling to visit friends, both nearby and far away. We love being in relationship with people and make the time to be together. It’s also so much fun to experience life in other places. 
  4. We enjoy doing puzzles and playing games. It’s simple, but we like simple. And fun. 
  5. We love finding a good county or state fair! The food, the rides, the sounds, We love it all. 

Family Traditions:

  1. Christmas is big in our house. We love picking out the perfect tree as a family and decorating the house together. We have an advent calendar we do together to focus on the true meaning of Christmas and add some extra cheer. On Christmas Eve, we go to church with our family and then change into matching jammies to drive around and look at Christmas lights while drinking hot apple cider. 
  2. Every Memorial and Labor Day we go to the lake with family. We spend days fishing, laughing and playing in the water. The days are loud and so much fun. We love watching the cousins grow up together.  
  3. We also spend a weekend at Brandon’s parents house every summer. We go fishing and ride bikes, play on the slip and slide and have water gun wars around her house. It’s so much fun! 
  4. We go to the hills with Jenni’s family every spring. The boys go turkey hunting and fishing while the girls relax at the cabin, playing games and enjoying each other’s company. The cousins make so many memories playing outdoors on the beach, looking at the lake, and finding adventures together. 


Brandon and I are both from big families and have always dreamed of having a big family of our own. We didn’t always know adoption would be a part of our story, but it has always had a place in our hearts. Foster care and adoption play a big role in my extended family, and both Brandon’s dad and uncle were adopted as infants. Through our many experiences, we have seen how hard and beautiful life with adoption can be. 

After a year of struggling to conceive, we decided to take a step back and explore our options. The Lord continued to surround us with the people who spoke life into our hearts. We felt His presence in so many of the conversations we had, the stories we heard on the radio, even the sermons and podcasts we would listen to. Everything seemed to be pointing to adoption. It seemed as though God had closed some doors in order to open others in our lives. 

Still, we have not rushed. We know the choice YOU are making as an expectant mama is nothing to take light heartedly, and we too want to be patient and wise, as well. We have waited on the Lord and stepped forward as He led. And now, we are confident that we are exactly where we need to be, and we can’t wait to meet the ones He will join our lives to. 

A little more about us….


Occupation Property Investor Homemaker
Education Sport Studies Kinesiology & Exercise Science
Favorite Hobby Spending time with family, Hunting & Fishing Spending time with family, Hiking or Baking
Favorite Food Chicken or Steak Roast and Mashed Potatoes
Favorite Dessert Pie Key Lime Pie or Monster Cookies
Favorite Holiday Christmas Christmas
Favorite Movie American Sniper Elf or Beauty & the Beast
Favorite TV Show Outdoor Channel Grey’s Anatomy 
Favorite Music Artist/Group Country Music Lauren Daigle
Favorite Vacation Spot Florida Black Hills South Dakota