Dear Birthmother,  

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you about our family. We are Chris and Kristin. We are grateful that you love your unborn child so much that you are willing to consider an adoption plan for him or her. We are already parents, so we know that words cannot express the love between parents and their child. We pray for you and we hope that we may welcome you as part of our family one day.   


We both grew up in the same small town and were neighbors for several years. We both had an attraction to one another growing up, but we were both to shy to take that first step. Several years went by before we reconnected and began to date. From the night of our first date, we both knew that we were meant to be together so after a short seven months we were married. We have stood by each other’s side thru the good and the bad. This a second marriage for both of us and we have learned a lot from each other.  We both have a place in our hearts for children, so we have taken on a Sunday school class at church and volunteer regularly for children’s church.  

Chris is a kindhearted father and husband. He loves to be able to take care of his family and lead them.  He works hard and would do what he needed to do to provide for his family. He is Godly man that will always put the Lord first in every situation.  

Kristin is a beautiful soul and a nurturing mother. She works hard and loves her kids with all she has. She goes above and beyond for her family and expects nothing in return. She is smart and can handle any task that is given to her.  


We bought a single-story home in a small community in December of 2016. We have spent a lot of our time remodeling and making it our little place we can call home. Our home consists of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a game room/den for the kids.  There is a large yard with a tree house. We love being at home and spending time together. Our favorite place is the living room. This is where we can all enjoy a good movie or a game of cards and just spend quality time together.  


We both come from large families that enjoy being together for cookouts and holidays. 

We love going out to the movies, traveling, spending time at the campgrounds with friends. 

Summer is one our most favorite seasons because we take our pontoon out on the lake for swimming and fishing. Traveling to one or two new places every year has become a new tradition for us.  

Having a larger family makes the holidays always something to look forward to. There is always kids laughing and playing, swimming in the summer, and we can’t forgot all the food that is prepared. Everyone lives in the same town or a surrounding town. 


Adoption was not always our first choice in growing our family. We both have a child from previous marriages. However, we knew we wanted more children when were married and we tried for many years to conceive on our own.  Unfortunately, after several surgeries and fertility treatments Kristin received a diagnosis that led to a hysterectomy in 2019. With the devastation this put on us we knew God had a plan for closing that door. After LOTS of prayer and a ton of research later we decided to inquire about adoption. From the moment we spoke with our adoption agency we knew God had led us to them. Knowing in our hearts that there is a mom with a love so strong for her child that she is giving us an opportunity to love them as well is an indescribable feeling. We pray every day for our birth mom and her child. We pray that they are taken care of and that they know they are loved more than they will ever know.  

A little more about us…. 

Favorite Food CHICKEN PASTA 
Favorite Music Artist/Group PEARL JAM LAUREN DAIGLE 
Favorite Vacation Spot BEACH BEACH