Dear Birthmother,  

 Hi, thank you for taking the time to get to know and considering us to be parents of your child in which we would nurture and care as our own.  We pray regularly for you and for God’s guidance and grace that we may get an opportunity to be great parents.  While we don’t know your situation or what led you to this path, we do hope and pray you are getting the support you need and feel comfortable with your decision. Rest assured your child will be loved unconditionally while being raised with us within in a loving, safe, stable, and Christian family.  He/She will always know about your love and the immense gratitude we have for you choosing us to be the parents of your child.  Our goal and promise would be to encourage your child to find his/her own path in life and use the God given gifts and talents to help and encourage others.  We would be blessed to welcome your child into our family.   


Thank you so much for your time and consideration! 



 Chris and I met at a military Christmas Dinner in 2004.  We seemed drawn towards one another with some smiles and easy-going conversations but left and went our separate ways.  We quickly got busy again with life without each other.  Six months later, fate brought us back together and we started dating shortly thereafter and fell in love and both realized we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and was married shortly thereafter.  

 This was just the beginning of our story, unfortunately neither one of us had it all figured out and had any idea that many difficult and challenging times unknowingly lied ahead of our path.  We had to go through a couple long term separations due to military deployments overseas, we both decided to go back to school as adults at different times which became challenging due to limited incomes, and eventually career changes for both of us all while life’s curveballs were being tossed in our direction.

 Chris is very intelligent and has taught me so much about budgeting, and planning for the future.  Chris is very hardworking, dependable, and goes out of his way to help the church family, our family, and those in need that he doesn’t even know personally.  Chris is a Christian man of faith who is honest and straight forward with a great dry sense of humor who seems to make life fun just at the right times when needed.  We both enjoy learning new things and spending time together.  Marriage takes a lot of work between a couple, and we would be lying if we said everything was always great.  We have grown together through the good times but really learned about each other during the tough times making our relationship that much stronger. 

 Sonya is beautiful and has a very caring heart.  She is kind and has a way of smiling that just pulls everyone in near her.   Part of her gift is the ability to meet someone in any given setting, and they be as comfortable around her as a best friend would be.  She believes in life should be about helping others and what she tries her best to do. . 



We currently live in a safe and quiet suburban neighborhood which consists of mix of different types of families from young to elderly.  Our home is all one level with four bedrooms and two bathrooms, a large living room which opens into the kitchen and dining area.  We like to spend time eating meals together and enjoy cookouts with friends and family.  Our town has a great school system, several outdoor parks, nearby camping/fishing areas.  We attend church in a nearby town less than fifteen minutes away.   



We are both close to our relatives and try to see them often as possible in which would include several loving aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, and both sets of grandparents.  We spend most holidays, weekend trips and occasional vacations together with them.  We enjoy vacationing several times a year to include traveling, sightseeing, and finding the local hangouts and restaurants.  Some adventures we have shared together include swimming in the ocean around Florida, kayaking in the Rocky Mountain lakes, walking through the desert sands in New Mexico, and see the big city lights and shows in New York.  We also like to get out and attend local concerts & festivals to support our local community.   



We believe a great family is about relationships built, bonding, and the love shared between each other.   

 In 2018, we found out Sonya was expecting our first child a son.  Unfortunately, he decided to come very premature and was required to stay in NICU unit in the hospital.  Then just a couple weeks old contracted a rare disease which led to his death.  Life became very hard again, and we seemed to be going through the movements for a while.  He blessed us in many ways we would have never imagined, and it was through this process and journey we decided we needed to consider adoption to have the chance to be great parents that could love, teach, mentor, and support a child through life’s journey.  After many prayers and discussions, we believe God is leading us to this path of adoption. 


A little more about us…. 


Occupation Manager Occupational Therapy Assistant 
Education Business Administration (BBA) Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) 

Associates of Applied Science (AAS) 

Favorite Hobby Golf Art 
Favorite Food Pizza Salmon 
Favorite Dessert Carrot Cake Key Lime Pie 
Favorite Holiday Veteran’s Day Thanksgiving 
Favorite Movie Marvel Comic Movies Maleficent 
Favorite TV Show Gold Rush Wheel of Fortune 
Favorite Music Artist/Group Skillet Lauren Daigle 
Favorite Vacation Spot Rocky Mountains Beach