Dear Expectant Parent,

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our profile and learn about us.  We hope that we have provided you with a good snapshot of what our life is like. Wherever you are in your journey, we pray for you. We pray for your comfort, peace, and confidence in making decisions for your child. We would be honored and humbled to be chosen to love your child as our own, and to spend our lives loving you both.


We first met in college through mutual friends. We were friends for about a year and were married 3 years later. In December of 2019, we will celebrate our ten-year anniversary. We are certainly opposites, but in ways that perfectly complement one another. Ashley is a planner and very down to earth. She has been an ER nurse for 10 years, and loves every minute of it. Caring for people in need is the best part of her job. Connely is very much a people person! He is an Electrical Engineer during the week, and serves as the worship leader at our church on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Ashley loves that Connely is so outgoing and adventurous. He enjoys getting to know people and learning their stories. Above all else, he loves the Lord and makes intentional efforts to show God’s love to everyone he meets. He is a fun daddy that leads by example; teaching our son to be caring, honest, and hard-working. He provides for our family and is willing to help anyone as often as he is able. He is the most fun, loving, and generous man.

Connely is constantly amazed by everything that Ashley does for our family. Although he tries to help around the house, more often than not, Ashley has already taken care of any needs that may arise. She is not only an amazing wife and mother; she is an incredible friend. She gives of herself without hesitation and loves deeper than anyone he has ever known. Ashley never does anything half-heartedly. This translates to our home and beyond. When she plays with our son, she is fully dedicated to him in those moments. While making dinner, she is invested in the opportunity to provide for her family and friends. In the organization of a small group at church, she is committed to excellence and faithfully gives of her time and energy to provide the best opportunity for those in attendance.

We have a son, Spencer, who was born in September of 2013. He inherited some of the best traits of each of his parents: He has his Daddy’s fun sense of humor and his Momma’s loving heart. Spencer is also very smart, which he received in double-dose from each parent. He is also thoughtful and generous; giving away his toys, drawing pictures for people, and ensuring that everyone around him is well cared for. Spencer especially loves music and all superheroes. He likes to say that he is a ‘protector.’ Spencer faithfully and expectantly prays every single night for a little brother or sister. We are confident that he will be the very best Big Brother anyone could hope to have.


We live in a one-story home with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The open kitchen with dining area is the heart of our home. This is where we color, draw, cook, play games, have dance parties, build forts, sing songs, and play. There are three large windows in our dining room/kitchen that look into our fenced backyard. Connely built a fort last year and we hung a swing from it, so Spencer and his friends spend a lot of time there. Our home sits on just over an acre of land. We have two dogs that love kids and are very playful.

Our home is located in a small neighborhood that is full of kids. Each Halloween, every house participates in trick-or-treating followed by a big bonfire and cookout. Every Christmas, we have multiple gatherings with family and friends. During the summer, all the yards are filled with kids playing ball or riding bikes. This is really what drew us to this neighborhood. Our neighbors are our best friends and our kids spend a lot of time playing together. We live about 10 minutes from very good schools and 15 minutes from our church.

We live in a tight-knit community. We have a close circle of friends that love our son as if he were their own. These are people who have supported us, prayed for us, and are praying for you through this journey. Your child is already abundantly loved and will be readily welcomed into this group. We are a Christian family and are very involved in our church. The majority of our friends are strong Christian leaders who reflect their own relationships with God in their interactions with us and our son.


Although Ashley is an only child, she comes from a very large extended family with 13 first cousins with whom she grew up. Each of those cousins now has children of their own, so family gatherings on this side of the family are very large and fun! Connely’s side of the family is only a little smaller. He has an older sister and younger brother who are both married with children. Spencer has seven first cousins on that side of the family, all under 8 years old. We are all very close, so your child will have lots of aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents to love them.

Holidays are always fun with our families. Ashley’s family typically has a big Thanksgiving gathering. With all of the cousins and their children, it is always the best kind of organized chaos! Ashley’s aunts are some the best cooks ever, so the food is amazing and abundant. We have a relatively new Christmas tradition with Connely’s side of the family where we dress up and have our picture taken with Santa Claus at the mall. Last year’s theme was “fancy” so we were all in dresses and suits. The first year’s theme was the best: Ashley dressed up as a Christmas tree, Connely went as a reindeer, and Spencer was the cutest little candy cane. That Santa was shocked! We recently started having “snowman breakfast” on the Saturday before Christmas. Our friends come over to eat snowman shaped pancakes for breakfast and exchange small gifts.

Every summer we go to the beach with Connely’s family: that includes his parents, brother, sister, and their families. Ashley’s family usually spends a week during the summer traveling together: last year we went to Disney, and this year we are planning to go hiking and camping.

As our family of three, we enjoy family movie nights twice a month. This consists of popcorn, pizza, and pallets in the living room floor. Another big part of our lives is music. Connely plays the drums and the guitar and serves as the worship leader at our church. He enjoys teaching Spencer about music. We are actively involved in our church and spend a lot of our time participating in church activities. We enjoy attending football games, going to see movies, geocaching (because Spencer likes to “treasure hunt”), playing games, and honestly, anything where we can spend time together and enjoy each other’s company. Travel is also a big part of our lives. We have traveled to Italy, France, Canada, and a variety of cities throughout the United States. As they grow older, we want our children to see different parts of the world and experience a variety of cultures.


We both felt a prompting in our hearts for adoption several years ago that has continued to grow stronger. We have always wanted a big family, and we knew that adoption would be what God used to grow our family. We believe that God has commanded us, as disciples of Jesus Christ, to care for children. Through our experience as foster parents, God has grown our hearts and given us the privilege to love children, who are not biologically ours, as if they were our own. This experience has continually affirmed that adoption is our calling.


Occupation Electrical Engineer Registered Nurse
Education Bachelors from MSU Bachelors from MUW
Favorite Hobby Playing music and leading worship Reading and baking
Favorite Food Italian Chinese or seafood
Favorite Dessert Brownies and ice cream Brownies and ice cream
Favorite Holiday Christmas Christmas
Favorite Movie All of the Marvel movies Steel Magnolias
Favorite TV Show The Office The Office
Favorite Music Artist/Group Pretty much all of it Garth Brooks or Hillsong
Favorite Vacation Spot The beach Any beach