Dearest Birth Mother

Thank you so much for considering us as you make the choice of who will parent your child. You are making such a courageous decision. You will always have a special place in our hearts, and in the heart of your baby. As you see the love we have for each other, it is our hope that you’ll also see the love we have for the children we’ve hoped and prayed for, for years.

We’ve been married ten years and do not have children of our own, but have looked forward to being parents ever since the day we were married. We’ve longed for children with trust and hope in our hearts for Gods perfect timing of an adoption. We honor you and want you to know, we commit to providing a stable, loving, and fun environment for the child we’ll have the privilege of parenting.


Corey and I met while both working at Youth for Christ, an after school program for teens. Corey is the owner and contractor of a masonry company, and I am a licensed counselor, author, and executive director of an organization that offers support for women 18+ coming out of exploitation and substance use to pursue restoration and recovery.

We love to travel. Often times we travel for ministry and valued time together. The children we will adopt will also get to be world travelers. We love to hike, climb, and camp, and spend time at our family cabin on the lake.

My husband Corey leads with faith, honor, and love in all that he does, whether he is working in ministry or leading his employees as the CEO of his company. Corey has traveled to India, Israel, and South Africa for world missions and has worked with at risk youth. He will be an incredible father who leads with faith, honor, and love.

Corey writes of Danielle: Danielle is the most tender, yet driven person I know. She has a deep love for God and His creation. She is capable of doing anything she sets her heart to from climbing a mountain, to writing book(s), to befriending a chipmunk. She is a counselor, published author, speaker, and director of an organization that reaches women with a message of hope. Her heart is for women coming out of challenging circumstances to know their intrinsic worth.


We live in a three-story home with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a large family dinner table and two cats who are part of the family. Our home is spacious and welcoming. In the summer we enjoy sitting together in the three seasons porch, and in the winter when we are not traveling somewhere warm, we enjoy the fireplace.

Our home is in a quiet, cozy neighborhood near the lake. We love spending time on the water in the summer, whether at our home or family cabin. Both of our families live near by, which means there will be many cousins in the area. We are close to multiple great school districts, which would allow your child the best education.


Corey’s family is quite large and gets together often. Two of his siblings are adopted, which makes for a diverse family. We get together with either Corey’s family, my smaller family, or both on just about every holiday. Family activities include board games, hiking, camping, and time on the lake together. It is a tradition for us to celebrate our faith often, and so, we have a few places we attend for Bible study groups, times to worship, and a Church that is pivotal to our growing faith.


Seven years into our marriage, while in Israel on a prayer journey, we caught a glimpse of how God had been preparing us for adoption. We do not have children of our own, but have known that we are going to get the opportunity to adopt. We know that you, your baby, and the two of us have somehow  been in the midst of a working miracle. We’ve been praying and working hard to make sure our hearts, and home is ready for children. We are confident that we are ready, and that God is going to work everything out in this process – the timing, your courageous decision, and the courageous miracle of life you’ve chosen.

A little more about us….

Occupation Masonry Contractor – Building Brick and Block Women’s Counselor, Author, Executive Director of Ministry
Education High School BA
Favorite Hobby Fishing Writing, Playing Piano; Harp
Favorite Food Fish Tacos Fish Tacos and Sushi
Favorite Dessert Rosanna Danna Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Favorite Holiday Thanksgiving Christmas
Favorite Movie Avengers Series The Secret Garden
Favorite TV Show Designated Survivor Blue Bloods
Favorite Music Artist/Group Rend Collective Beckah Shae (Christian Musician); Piano Music
Favorite Vacation Spot The Cabin, Cayman Islands Cayman Islands