Dear Birthmother,

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you. I know it is a difficult and confusing time for you as you determine the best decision for you and your precious baby. We pray for you and love you and your baby already. Our hearts are that you feel loved and supported during this journey. We know considering adoption for your baby is emotionally difficult and challenging. We admire you for seeking the best path for your baby.

In our eyes you are a very strong woman, as choosing adoption is the most selfless thing you can do for your baby. Curtis’s mom chose adoption for his older sister because she knew that her daughter needed an opportunity she was unable to provide at that time in her life. We want to reassure you that we have firsthand experience with how strong a mother has to be in order to make this choice and we respect and admire you for boldly and humbly choosing this path for your baby.

We promise to cherish and love your baby and our desire is to share with him or her the sacrifices you made for their life. Our goal is for them to feel loved and to be raised as a follower of Christ. We will love them deeply and provide a safe home that meets their needs and affords every opportunity for them to step into the purpose the Lord has for their life.

Please know we are praying for you and your baby every step in this journey. We pray that you will have peace and comfort with your decision.


Curtis and Courtney



We (Curtis and Courtney) were high school sweethearts. We grew up in a small town where seemingly the entire community attended the same school and church. We both enjoyed sports and were actively involved at school and in church. We became close friends in high school, which led to a relationship. As any young couple does, we broke up and got back together multiple times. But the Lord led us back together in college.

We dated throughout college and in October of 2010 got engaged. We married in May 2011 and had our first son, Ezra, in June 2018.

Curtis is an attorney who works with an insurance company. He is very intelligent and a hard worker. Curtis also loves sports, cooking, and time with his family. He enjoys watching competitive sports but enjoys playing golf and basketball. Courtney loves that Curtis always puts his family first. His primary focus is not only to provide for us but to support and love us fully.

Courtney is an Occupational Therapist and Dyslexia Therapist. She is an administrator at a Christian private school. She loves her family and friends fully. She loves adventure and serving the Lord through mission trips and her community. Her favorite hobby outside of sports with Curtis and Ezra is to work out each day with a community of women. Curtis loves that she is the strongest, most kindhearted, genuine, loyal, and loving person. He loves that she encourages others, is joyful, and never meets a stranger.



We live in a two-story home, with the majority of the rooms on the main floor and a bedroom and bathroom upstairs. The house has four bedrooms and three and a half baths. Our home is warm and inviting to our family and friends. Our favorite room is the keeping room and kitchen because this is where we gather the most. We spend a lot of quality time together cooking and eating meals as a family. We also enjoy conversations around meals or a tv show. Our home is in a community that has multiple kids, a pool, and a playground to spend time outside and building relationships. We also have a small, inside dog that loves to play and be near us.

We are very close to our friends that live in nearby neighborhoods. We spend a lot of time coming together for meals, our kids to play, or just to encourage one another. We participate in many community events and school events at Courtney’s school to support student athletics and build relationships with others. We live in a great city and community that has great schools, resources, and opportunities for our children to step into what God has for them. We are also very invested in Courtney’s school who teaches a great education with a biblical worldview.



Courtney is from a large family, so your child will be joining a family with lots of cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas, and grandpas. Though Curtis’s family is not large, your child still will be joined with a family who loves and cares well for them. As a family, we love spending time together. We love watching movies, sports, social gatherings, church, traveling, and various physical activities. Every summer we spend a week at the beach and intentionally take some weekends through the year for family time and learning. We have gone to the zoo in various states and cities.

With a larger family, comes larger holiday and birthday traditions. We are blessed to live close enough that we are able to spend every holiday with our extended families. We enjoy cooking so our family often travels to us for a large holiday meal. We also love gathering with our local community and church family to come together for Easter to hunt eggs and have a meal together. Lastly, we enjoy missions. We will participate in international mission trips. We also will bring Ezra to local missions to show serving others as a primary mission for our family. We will go to the local nursing home and Christmas to sing carols and bring the residents cards.



Courtney has always felt led to adopt. She trusted the Lord would give the same calling to her husband if that was for our family. Courtney partnered with friends to raise money for their adoption, pray, or serve orphanages on mission trips. Courtney and Curtis also sponsored a child in one of the orphanages she served.

Courtney and Curtis have many friends who have adopted children. Their immediate family has been blessed by adoption as well. Courtney has a first cousin who was adopted. Curtis’s mom also chose adoption for his biological sister because she felt that was the best for her life. Curtis met her when he was a teenager and was welcomed in by her and her adopted family. He and his mother are thankful for a family that loves his sister well and met her needs.

Courtney struggles with endometriosis, which has caused difficulty having children. Ezra was a blessing and gift from the Lord that doctors were unsure would come. Since having Ezra, her condition has worsened. She has undergone many surgical treatments. Through multiple conversations with doctors and prayer, we have felt the Lord is now calling our family to adopt a child to expand our family. Ezra, Courtney, and Curtis are more than excited to welcome a girl or boy in their home to join our family!


A little more about us….


OccupationHealth Insurance DirectorSchool Administrator
EducationJuris DoctorMaster of Occupational Therapy, Master of Education in Dyslexia Therapy
Favorite HobbyPlaying GolfWorking Out
Favorite FoodGumboSushi
Favorite DessertPecan PieChocolate Cake
Favorite HolidayChristmasChristmas
Favorite MovieRounderCharlie Brown’s Christmas Movie
Favorite TV ShowMad MenThis is Us
Favorite Music Artist/GroupHall & OatsChristian Music
Favorite Vacation SpotAnywhere with my wife and sonBeach