Dear Expectant Mother,  


   Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We are humbled, honored, and so thankful to be considered as you look for a family for your sweet baby. We imagine that this is likely a difficult season, as you are searching for the best plan for you and your precious little one. We pray that the Lord will be with you and guide you every step of the way. We pray that you feel the Lord’s love for youand that He will give you peace throughout this process. Please know that it is ok to feel uncertain, to hurt, and to grieve. The precious gift of life that you are choosing for your baby is priceless.  Even though we do not personally know youplease know that we are praying for you and your precious baby. You are incredibly brave and selfless, and deeply loved. 

   Adoption is very special to our family. We were greatly blessed through adoption 5 years ago. The Lord guided us to the arms of a fourteen-month-old baby girl, who is one of our greatest blessings. After her adoption, the Lord once again placed adoption on our hearts. We have prayed over this call so much during the past years, asking the Lord to guide us, to give us patience and wisdom as we walk this path and wait for the child and mother that He chooses to join us with.  

  There are just no adequate words to describe our longing, love, and deep desire to have another child and share in his or her life. We want you to know that we will treasure and love your baby fiercely and completely with our entire hearts and souls. We promise to walk through each stage of life with your child loving, teaching, crying, laughing and encouraging. We will teach and show your little one the love of Jesus We know that God has great plans for your sweet baby, and we would be incredibly honored and blessed to be a part of that.  

  If you decide to make an adoption plan with us, we want to assure you that we will respect you and whichever level of openness and contact that you choose to have with us and your child. We would always want you to know how your little one is doing, and that he or she is cherishedloved, and adored. You could reach out to us anytime to see a picture, ask for an update, just check in with us, etc We promise to love fiercelyto provide a wonderful home, and to offer a life filled with opportunities. Most importantly your precious baby will always know of your incredibly selfless love and courage. 

With Love, 

Megan and James 


James and I met when James’s friend introduced us and a few weeks later he asked me out on a double date. He had a little trouble finding my house and ended up being about thirty minutes late to pick me up. I am so thankful he stayed the courseWe met his friends at a hibachi restaurant and had a great time.  We went on many double dates with them and they are still our best friends today. James and I had both been praying for a Godly spouse and knew very quickly that God had brought us together. Our life has been a whirlwind of blessings. We have 5 wonderful children who fill our days and lives with love, laughter, and joy 

I (Megan) am the oldest of 3 and grew up on a cattle and cotton farm. I enjoyed growing up on a farm and spending lots of time outside with my family. I attended a small school where I loved cheering and being involved in various school activities. I attended a large university and have a bachelor’s degree in marketing. My greatest joy is being a mom. I love spending my days with our children and just “doing life” with them. God has taught me to slow down and see His blessings in our small daily activities-like going for golf cart rides to look for bunny rabbits, making clover necklaces in the spring, looking for tadpoles, reading storybooks, practicing piano, throwing the baseball, practicing cheer.  I could go on and on one blessing after another. Besides being a mom, I love to be outside. I enjoy walks with my neighbors. I also love to work in our yard, especially during the spring and summer months. I enjoy a cup of coffee and a good book, and dinners with friends. I LOVE family trips to the beach and sometimes to Disney World. I also love quick trips to the zoo and spontaneous family outings.  I have a strong faith in God and am so thankful for my relationship with Him. His love and guidance brings peace and joy to my life.  

What James Loves About Megan: 

I knew from our first date that God had placed Megan in my life. She is smart, kind, patient and beautiful but most importantly she is a godly woman and prayer warrior. Our life has been full of grace and blessings. Megan is the heart of our home and does a wonderful job of nurturing our family. She is an excellent mother and a loving wife.  

James grew up in a suburban neighborhood. As a child, he was an outgoing smart kid. He had lots of friends, many of whom he is still friends with today. He was always involved in church and church activities. One of his favorite memories growing up were Friday night dinners with family friends. He fondly recalls the dads grilling as the children played outside.  His early adulthood was consumed by medical school and residency. When he could find a break, he enjoyed hanging out with his roommates. Typically, they would watch football and cookout.   

 God has blessed me (James) and my family beyond measure. I am blessed to be a smalltown physician with a wonderful family and loving wife. I am thankful for the opportunity to work in a community where I can know and invest in the lives of my patients. I enjoy watching our children participate in their activities and going on family vacations. I also enjoy SEC football in the fall. I like spending my free time outside, working in our yard, playing with our children, cutting our grass, grilling and fishing with the kids.  We are so excited and honored for the opportunity to share our home with another precious child. 

What Megan Loves About James: 

I was praying about my spouse and who God would choose for me. He brought James into my life at just the perfect time. James is kind, sincere, thoughtful, loving and a spiritual leader for our family. He is patient, gracious and funny He has a gentle spirit and is sensitive to the needs of others. I admire him for so many reasons- the way he shows his love for me, the great dad that he is, the way he leads our family. He loves the Lord and our family so well.  


 We live in a quaint, small town in the Southeast. We have a two-story home, on a spacious, threeacre lot in a wonderful neighborhood, filled with families and children.  Our spacious yard has several big shade trees in the front and a beautiful landscape of trees, flowers and grass in the back.  I plant white and pink blooming flowers around the white azaleas that line the sides of the brick stairs leading up to our front door. Inside, our home is spacious, tidy and warmly decorated with neutral colors of beige and green.  Our favorite room is the kitchen. We spend lots of quality time together cooking and eating meals as a family. We especially like to all cook breakfast for dinner and to make grill cheese sandwiches on the griddle. Our spacious yard gives us lots of room for playing and outside adventures, which we all love. Our sweet neighbors are wonderful and are truly like family to us.  

   We live only minutes from fishing, pools, and golf. This is such a blessing for our family to enjoy. Our home is only a twominute drive from James’s office, allowing him to run home easily. We are also close to fun park, our wonderful church, and multiple great schools. 


We are very big on family time! We love “special family times,” we also cherish quieter days, where we are all just at home together. No matter what the days hold we always look forward to our nightly Bible story and prayer time. We look forward to our weekly family lunches on Sundays. After church we like to meet up with friends at a local restaurant. We enjoy the fellowship and time together.  

We love watching movies, playing board games, going to ball games, traveling, and going for walks. Every summer we spend a few weeks at the beach. We typically like to travel to Orange Beach, Alabama, for a week the first part of summer and then like to wrap summer up with another week in Sandestin, FloridaDisney World trips have become a favorite family tradition and we try to make it to Disney once a year. We like to go at different times each year so that we can enjoy the different seasonal decorations and events.  We also like to travel to new places and go on new adventures. We are spontaneous at heart and always love a fun family trip!  A few places we have traveled include Disney World, New York, New Orleans, Atlanta, Birmingham, Mobile, North Carolina, various beaches and China.  

    We love celebrating birthdays and like to plan fun themed birthday parties for our children. We even had our first drive by parade birthday party this year due to covid 19. Our neighbors and friends decorated their cars and golf carts and paraded by our home wishing our daughter a happy birthday.  It was a fun, festive way to celebrate her special day and made her feel so special.  

   In the summer, we take advantage of the extra daylight hours and spend lots of time outsideWe like to grill burgers and hotdogs while the children play in the yard. Sometimes we pick up pizza and take the golf cart to the pool for night swimming. The little girls like to catch fireflies at dusk and sometimes put them in a jar for a bit (but we always let them go). We also enjoy spontaneous beach trips and just spending time together.  

  In the fall we like to spend time watching high school and college football gamesThe weather is still warm here in the fall, so we are still able to spend lots of time outdoors. We enjoy going to the pumpkin patch and decorating our yard with pumpkins and mumsAs the nights get cooler, we enjoy special nights when we get to make smores and roast marshmallows with our neighbors.  

   During the cooler months we cherish the slower pace and longer nights.  We cook more soups and stews, play more board gamesand watch the children participate in a little basketball. We decorate our home for Christmas and enjoy riding around our sweet town looking at the beautiful Christmas lights.  

James and I are blessed with two wonderful families. We are a close family and make time throughout the year to get together for holidays and birthday celebrations.  With large families comes wonderful holiday traditions.   

 We love visiting with our extended family and eating my grandmother’s wonderful traditional Thanksgiving food, especially her dressing, a family favorite. The children enjoy playing with their cousins and eating lots of sweets. At Christmas we spend time with family and friends. We typically visit my grandmother, parents, and cousins on Christmas Eve and then return home. We love waking up at home Christmas morning and celebrating Jesus’s birth. I cook Christmas breakfast and serve it on fun Christmas plates with matching cups. We then enjoy opening presents. The children love to play with their gifts while I cook Christmas lunch.  We then spend the rest of the day playing games or putting together toys. The weekend after Christmas we usually go to James’s parents for a few days. The children love waking up each morning to the smell of his mom’s breakfast and playing with their cousins Easter is a special day and my very favorite holiday. We love celebrating Jesus, the cross and the resurrectionThe reason we have hope in this world. Easter is a special day to look deeper at His incredible love for us displayed on the cross and His power in the resurrection. Knowing just how great His love is for us is amazing!   Easter egg hunts, in my grandmother’s backyard, are also a family favorite. Just typing this letter and remembering these special times makes my heart smile. God has blessed us with a wonderful family that loves so well! If you choose our family, I can assure you that your precious baby will be deeply loved and cherished.    


Adoption is a longing, deep burning desire, that God put in our hearts many years ago. Through much prayer and the strength that could come only from the Lord we have walked this journey and know how very hard, but also how amazing and beautiful it is.  We know what it means to “do hard,” we have been in the trenches, but we also have stood on the mountaintops and praised the Lord for the blessing of another child entrusted to us through adoption.  

   It was not long after our previous adoption that we knew the Lord was calling us back to adoption. We were so thankful and amazed that He would allow us to walk this path one more time. We have cried out in prayer to the Lord every step of this process. Desiring to wait for Him to guide and lead us to the child and mother that He chooses for us, and never wanting to run ahead of Him on our own. It has not been easy and has at times gone much slower than our hearts wanted but He has faithfully walked with us and lead us to this point.  We know this is aenormous decision for you and we want you to be confident in knowing that we have prayed and waited and prepared and are so ready to pour every ounce of the love that we have in our hearts ouon you and your sweet baby. We are beyond grateful to be at this point and would be so humbled and honored to be entrusted with your precious baby We will love your sweet baby fiercely, completely, with every fiber of our being.  

A little more about us…. 

Occupation Family Physician Homemaker 
Education BS in Biology and M.D. Bachelor of Business Administration  in Marketing 
Favorite Hobby Fishing, really anything outdoors Working in the yard, walking and being outdoors. 
Favorite Food Sushi Grilled Salmon  
Favorite Dessert Cereal ???? Frozen Key Lime Pie 
Favorite Holiday Christmas Easter 
Favorite Movie Empire Strikes Back Father of the Bride 
Favorite TV Show M*A*S*H Love It or List It/ HGTV 
Favorite Music Artist/Group Son Volt Hillsong United and Lauren Daigle 
Favorite Vacation Spot Beach Any Beach