Dear Expectant Mother,

How we can’t stop thinking about you. We think about you day and night, and we haven’t even met you. Please know that we are praying for you and your child. We pray for your comfort and peace as you pick the perfect family for your baby. Although we cannot even begin to understand, we respect the enormity of the journey and the decision before you. We would like to thank you for choosing this journey and for considering us as a loving family for your child.

“Let all that you do be done with LOVE” 1 Corinthians 16:14.

God has blessed us with so much love, and we want to share it with you and your child. We are so very excited to welcome a baby. We dream of all the wonderful adventures we will have, and we cannot stop thinking about this sweet baby. We are thankful for the adventure God is leading us on. Although a mother’s love is unmatched, please know that we will love this child with all of our hearts every day of our lives. We will be fun and energetic parents. We will be supportive, loving and gentle. We will ensure this child’s needs are met and their wishes fulfilled. We will give them a strong foundation in which to reach for their dreams. With God’s guidance we will give this child a love for the Lord. We promise to be the best parents we can be and let God be the light unto our path along the way.

We know God has plans for you and your child.

Jeremiah 29:11 tells us “for I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”


We both grew up in Louisiana. Jason and I came from similar sized families, each with a sister and a brother. We met in high school and fell in love instantly. We dated for five years before we got married and have now been married for almost 14 years. We are best friends and have the most fun when we are together! God is the cornerstone of our marriage. We have been through many things including deaths, illness, and financial strain. God has led us through it all and made us stronger.

Let me describe my Jason. Jason is a generous, loving, and silly person. He is constantly laughing and playing. He is always praying and growing his faith. Jason loves with his whole heart and gives of himself to others. He is a wonderful husband and our nieces and nephews just love him. He is supportive and always a team player on household tasks. He is my best friend.

Christie is such a sweet person. She sees things in an innocent way. She tries to do something fun each and every day. She loves growing in her faith and relationship with God. She is my life.

We love to play and adventure together. No matter if it is vacationing, or just a trip to the store, we are going to have fun together. We are always being silly. Making goofy faces is a must! We just laugh and laugh. We have a dog named Juneau. He is so very silly! He loves to run and loves to cuddle and play with anyone, especially children.


We live in a beautiful neighborhood. We are near great schools and many parks. There are always family activities around our town. We have quiet streets with lots of room to walk the dog and stretch our legs. We just love our neighbor’s. They are friendly and supportive. There are children in our neighborhood that can be found riding bikes and scooters.

Our home is nestled in the back of our cozy neighborhood. We have a large 1.5 acre lot with woods on the back. We have lots of room to run and play. Our home is welcoming and warm. We built our home in 2016. It is 2 stories and has 6 bedrooms and three baths. There is lots of room to play and grow. We love our home. I think my favorite room is the kitchen. From every window you can see the trees. It feels like a forest escape. We love to cook yummy food and dance and sing in the kitchen. It is also where we can sit at the table and have breakfast. From this same table we can watch the wildlife. We can frequently see deer, birds, squirrels, rabbits, and the occasional racoon. We love our wooded haven. We spend lots of time outside playing with the dog and sitting on the swing or by the firepit.


When we are around our home we love to stay active. We often go to the park or lake and kayak or feed the ducks and play with the dog. We frequently visit the bookstore because we both love to read. The firepit is lit for evenings of laughter and singing. Relaxing on the swing or porch is a favorite past time. We play lots of games in the yard. Our families live away but visit often. We love to have friends join us. When we can’t be outdoors, we can be found around a table exploring different kinds of boardgames. We love a new challenge.

We love to hang out with our families. We come from close families with aunts and uncle’s and cousins all round. We are always getting together. We celebrate everyone’s birthdays together with gifts and games. We have been known to construct carnival games and oversized boardgames in the yard. It is always a great time. We have crawfish boils and BBQs in the spring and summer. We cook together and play ball. We love to play with the kids in the yard. We laugh and sing. We always take a beach trip and swim in the pool together in the summer. We frequently take other trips together. We visit relatives, hike, take day drives to gardens or parks, cruise, and hang out in Disney or Universal studios together. The kids love it. Holidays are big deal in our families. We always spend Thanksgiving and Christmas together. We open gifts, play games, and eat till we pop. Everyone gets to have their favorite foods there. We laugh and sing and play all day. We love to take silly pictures. Goofy faces are the best! We are so blessed to have so many loved ones and they are all so very excited to welcome a new little one.


Jason and I always wanted children. We thought when we finished job training we would begin our family. God had other plans for us. Illness came to Christie just as training began and we couldn’t have biological children. We considered adoption, but were so wounded that we put adoption aside. We just weren’t ready. All the while, God prepared our hearts. At the perfect time, He put the right people and circumstances in our life, until we couldn’t deny this was a call from God. He was calling us to care for one of his children and to grow our family. We couldn’t wait any longer. We began to pray about it again and the answer became clear.

Let all that you do be done in LOVE. 1Corinthians 16:14.

A little more about us….

Occupation Bronchoscopy technician (helps people with lung diseases) Family medicine doctor
Education Some college Bachelors, MD
Favorite Hobby Learning WWII history Photography or Origami
Favorite Food Spagetti Cheeseburgers and fries
Favorite Dessert Ice cream Soft skillet cookie
Favorite Holiday Christmas Christmas
Favorite Movie Shrek Father of the Bride
Favorite TV Show The Simpsons That 70s Show
Favorite Music Artist/Group Christian music Soundtracks from musicals like The Greatest Showman, Annie, The Sound of Music
Favorite Vacation Spot Universal Studios Florida The beach or cruising