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Jordan and Lauren

Dear Birthmother,

We are Jordan & Lauren. First of all we are both humbled and honored to be invited into this journey of yours, whatever that may end up looking like. We love that you are looking into all of your options as a mother and want you to know that we support you in that — just looking. It speaks volumes to how much you love and care for your child already. And whether that means placement or parenting your baby, we want to convey that we know that as a parent, you are taking the time to choose what is best for you and your child. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

We have been married for 11 years now, and just over two short years ago were able to adopt our son. While adoption wasn’t originally a part of our story, we know that God is writing the story that is unfolding before us and couldn’t imagine our life without our son. When the door was closed for us to have our own children naturally, adoption was always something we wanted to pursue. Our family without children was never a picture we painted for ourselves. While our story is being written differently than we would’ve imagined, God has been reminding us that He sees us and is writing each page along this journey. We hope and pray that you feel He is doing the same for you as well.

We are looking forward to equipping our kids to cultivate their imaginations, show them that no matter what they are loved, and to teach and show them the love of Jesus. We want you to know that this is something we have prayerfully considered and sought counsel over and have felt both a peace and confirmation about how to grow our family. We won’t be perfect parents. We aren’t going to always get it right, but we are going to do our very best. You can know that no matter what, they will be loved and encouraged to be generous, kind, silly, caring and loving.

We want you to know that you are not alone in this season. You have people who are praying for you — WE are praying for you — and in your corner. Whether we get to walk this journey with you long term or not, we support you and your decision whatever that may be.


About Us

We met in 2011 at a summer church camp we both had grown up attending, but it was not until that Thursday evening in July, when we both ended up working in the concessions stand together that our paths finally crossed. When Lauren walked in she caught Jordan’s eye, and he caught hers. It all started with Jordan giving Lauren a burger and a Facebook friend request later that evening after playing board games all night in the camp cafeteria. Our first date may easily go down in history as one of the most awkward dates in history, but apparently one of us did something right.

Just two short years later in July, we were married on what felt like the hottest day of the summer, but it was worth it. Fast forward 11 years, and we bought our first home. Jordan works full time as a software engineer from home, and Lauren was able to quit teaching and stay home with our son full time.

Our Home / Community

We bought a fixer upper together with Lauren’s parents who live in the upper unit and we live in the lower unit. Our home is a two bedroom one bath unit with a lovely tree covered backyard. We bought our home in March of 2019, moved into a mostly demoed home in October of that year. We have been fixing it up ever since. Slowly but surely we’ve been making it feel like home. Out home finally feels like “ours” and are overjoyed at the idea of adding another little one to the mix.

Also, our church community is so very important to us. We live in a wonderfully diverse metropolitan area and our church is also equally diverse. We look forward so very much to loving and rasing our children to know just how much Jesus loves them.

Family Activities / Traditions

Jordan grew up with his older sister, Brooke, and his mom and dad. Growing up he was always very close with his mom’s side of the family, being that they lived in the same area. His cousins were very much like brothers to him. His sister and her family now live in Indiana, where we have a niece, Ellie, and nephew Luke.

Lauren grew up with her younger sister, Kayla, and mom and dad. Her younger sister only being a year and a half younger than her, and only one grade behind her in school was always by her side growing up. Lauren and Kayla even ended up graduating college the same year due to Lauren taking a longer track, both becoming educators. Kayla only lives about 25 minutes away, which is great because then we get to hang out with our three little nephews as well.

We both have a rather large extended family. Most of Lauren’s dad’s side of the family lives in the area and all attend the same church. So our children will have lots of cousins to play with.

Winters here are long, but the holiday season has always been one that brings much joy in the winter. Growing up it was always a tradition to go out and cut down our own Christmas tree. It’s something that has always been a very special part of our holiday tradition. Now we all go out together as a family. There either seems to be a snow storm and us all bundled up in winter attire or we are casually traipsing through the tree farm in light sweaters. Either way it’s a tradition that we look forward to continuing with our little ones.

Our springtime is often rainy. However, somewhat warm, rainy weather is refreshing after our long, cold winters. Summers always flash by, but we like to make the most of it. We enjoy seeing and exploring all sorts of places. From big cities, to small towns, to beaches to mountains, visiting new places is something we love to do. Fall, while a short season, is one for football, cool breezes blowing through the open windows, bonfires and s’mores in the backyard, cozy nights in, and time with friends and family. While we thoroughly enjoy summer and all the fun it brings, we can only handle so much heat. The coolness of fall and the changing leaves bring feelings of a fresh start that is very welcoming.

Our Adoption Journey

The January before graduating college, four years into our marriage, we decided that we wanted to start trying to grow our family. It was two years of frustration, month after month of negative pregnancy tests, and no explanation as to why we weren’t getting pregnant, because on paper everything was “normal.”

About a year and a half of trying to grow our family naturally, Lauren finally had a procedure done to see if there was any blockage causing us to not be able to conceive. We found out that Lauren has a double tubal ligation. Basically things cannot get to where they need to be in order to conceive. Our doctor informed us that basically the only way we could conceive a child biologically would be through fertility treatments, which is something that we personally never wanted to pursue to grow our family for many reasons.

Before knowing we had fertility issues, we always talked about if we couldn’t have kids naturally, that we wanted to pursue adoption to grow our family. While this news did bring with it some sorrow, we felt a peace that only comes from God. He’s continued to show us that adoption is exactly how He wants us to grow our family.

A Little More About Us…




Software Engineer

Stay-at-home Mom


Bachelors Degree

Bachelors Degree

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Monster Cookies

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Pride & Prejudice

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The Office

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Wilder Woods

Antoine Bradford/Maverick City Music

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Pacific Northwest