Hi! We are Kevin and Tori. We are honored that you are reading this and want to get to know us better! We hope that you can see just how much love we have to share.

We have been married since 2003 and have twin boys, Cooper and Carson, who were born in 2006.

Adoption is something that we’ve talked about and prayed over for what seems like forever. There is a saying that says something like, “If you can’t leave a dream alone for a day, you need to go after it.” So, here we are chasing our dream.

Our family has already been touched by adoption in the form of uncles and cousins, and we are eager and excited to continue that tradition of love. We feel that we have an opportunity to bless a child and to be blessed so much more in return.

With love,

Kevin and Tori


We met through a mutual friend and had a pen pal like relationship before we began dating in 2001. At first, we had a long-distance relationship as both of us lived in different states. While dating, we emailed, called, and had many road trips. We bonded over our mutual love of sports and similar tastes in music and movies. After dating for about a year, Kevin proposed at the altar of the church where we would be married in 2003.

Kevin was born to an Air Force family and has now lived in four different states. His parents live about 6 hours away, but we get to visit often and talk regularly. He is the oldest of three; he has a sister and a brother. Between his two siblings, we have four nephews! Tori says that Kevin is funny, laid back, and dependable. He loves sports and has a knack to be able to name most songs in seconds. Kevin is a stay-at-home dad which enables him to always be there for his family. Kevin is a Boy Scout Leader and helps lead our youth at church.

Tori grew up in a farming family and loves the land where we live. We live right beside her parents and get to see them almost daily. She has a younger brother who lives nearby. Kevin says that Tori has a servant’s heart and is extremely loyal. She loves her church, her school, and books. Tori is a pharmacist and enjoys serving her community. She is a Sunday School teacher and serves on a board at our local school to help put money back into classrooms.

We are the parents to twin boys: Cooper and Carson. They love animals, Star Wars, their families, and God. Cooper loves social studies and is learning to play the saxophone. Carson’s favorite subject is science, and he loves to read. Both Cooper and Carson are loving and caring and excited to be big brothers.


We live in a two-story home with four bedrooms and four bathrooms. We have a swimming pool in the backyard where friends and family enjoy fun times together. We love to invite our extended and church families to our house for gatherings. Our home is surrounded by family farmland which allows us time and space to play outside.

We live in a rural neighborhood but close enough to the city that we can visit the zoo, museum, and other attractions often. We love living in a rural neighborhood surrounded by friends and family.

The school that is near to us is always rated high academically. It is small but great. We think that it has wonderful teachers and caring staff. We believe strongly in a good education and are thrilled to have access to such a wonderful start for our children.

Our family attends the small country church where we were married. All four of us are involved with various church activities. Kevin and Tori often plan church events such as Christmas programs and Harvest celebrations. Cooper and Carson serve as ushers at the church and love their youth group.


Our family loves to spend time together. One of our favorites is vacations. We believe that there is something to be learned from experiencing different places, people, and experiences. We especially love when we can go somewhere that is fun and educational. Some of our favorite vacations include Washington D.C., Walt Disney World, and the mountains.

We also love sports though we tend to all have a different favorite team. We do enjoy going to football games together in Oxford to cheer on the red and blue.

Our favorite holiday is Christmas. We love to decorate the house with trees, stockings, and Christmas cards from family and friends. We have a tradition of having a pancake breakfast at our house on Christmas morning.

The yearly family reunion is a big deal in Tori’s family. It starts as lunch with extended family sharing a meal and time together. There are LOTS of aunts, uncles, cousins, and even great-aunts and uncles. The day typically ends with Tori’s aunts, uncles, and cousins coming to our house for a meal and time in the pool. We love playing host to our family.

Kevin’s family lives near the beach, and we always enjoy our visits with them. Because we don’t get to see each other daily, it’s a bit of a celebration every time that we do. We enjoy visiting to see our nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, parents, and grandparents.


Adoption is something that we’ve talked about and prayed about for what seems like forever. We feel that we have the opportunity to bless a child with a wonderful home and family and to be blessed so much more in return. Each side of our family has been touched by adoption, and we feel strongly that it is a wonderful blessing. We know that we have so much love to share and can think of no better way than to share it with a child. We are excited to continue a strong legacy of love within our family.

A little more about us….

Occupation Stay-at-home dad Pharmacist
Education Associates Doctorate
Favorite Hobby Watching Sports Reading
Favorite Food Tacos Chicken Parmesan
Favorite Dessert Strawberry Cake Caramel Cake
Favorite Holiday Christmas Christmas
Favorite Movie Paint Your Wagon The Blind Side
Favorite TV Show Game of Thrones Greys Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, and This Is Us
Favorite Music Artist/Group Aerosmith The Beatles
Favorite Vacation Spot Mountains Walt Disney World