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Kirk and Mary Elizabeth

Dear Birthmother,

To start, we want to say the biggest “thank you” ever for considering adoption.

Honestly, this is a really hard letter for us to write. We’re not entirely sure how that we can fully express on paper how proud of you we are for making this decision, or how very excited we are for the opportunity to welcome another child into our home. Also, it is not lost on us that our new addition and happiness comes at a huge cost to you.

Pregnancy is so hard all around. You have made such a strong and courageous choice sacrificing these months to give your baby a chance for life. This season must be so very confusing and difficult for you as you are considering your child’s future. We have been praying for yours and baby’s health, as easy of a pregnancy as possible, and that you may feel complete peace with your decision of adoption and your choice of a family for your baby. Please know that you and your baby are so loved.

We know that you have dreams for where this baby’s life will go. We would love to be able to hear your thoughts. We plan on sharing this child’s story with him or her as early and openly as possible. We are sure that this will come with lots of questions. We would love the opportunity to share as much as possible, including traits about his or her mom.

While we do have 3 boys, we want to make sure that you know your baby will never take a back seat. He or she will not be treated any differently than our boys…except that they may get a little extra special treatment because of being the youngest of our crew. Our entire family, boys included, are so excited for a new addition to our family. Our boys are torn between wanting another brother to even out their backyard football and Nerf war teams and wanting the experience of a sister. When they discuss what our future might look like, they have already made plans on how they may protect their sister, especially from other boys.

We are covering you in prayer. God has great plans for every person involved in this journey.

Much love,

Kirk and Mary Elizabeth

About Us

We began dating in 2001, while both of us were in high school. Kirk proposed with an elaborate scheme. We had just finished the fall semester at college, and one of my (Mary Elizabeth’s) friends talked me into a girl’s weekend in Nashville. When we got to Nashville, she took me to the airport and checked us in for a flight to Las Vegas! When we got there, we checked into the Paris Hotel. In my room, an outfit, flowers, and note requesting me to meet Kirk in the lobby were on the bed. We ate dinner at the Eiffel Tower restaurant. Then, Kirk took me outside where our families and my best friend were waiting. Under the Arc de Triumph replica, Kirk asked me to spend the rest of my life with him, and I agreed! Kirk pulled off this elaborate plan truly without me knowing a single thing. He created my dream Paris proposal, but on a college student’s budget. A year later, we were married in my childhood church.

 We have now been married for 16 years and have three biological children. We also have two dogs, three cats, and frequently provide a temporary home for turtles and other creatures that have been found in the yard. We consider our family to be the most important thing in life and love spending time together. We love God and constantly look for opportunities that serve Him and point our children on His path.

Our Home / Community

We live in a roomy two-story home. We love spending time in our large backyard, complete with a pool and slide, playhouse, and large deck space. Our neighborhood has a ton of young families and lots of kiddos. Our children are often playing with neighborhood friends. We love to have guests in our home! This house allows us space to frequently have lots of friends and family over for meals and visits.

Family Activities / Traditions

The majority of our family members are local. Our boys regularly spend time with their grandparents. Our out-of-town family frequently makes trips to see us and are very involved in our boy’s lives.

We prioritize attending and serving with our church. Our church family are some of our very best friends, and we love to do life together.

We love to cook! Our boys love to help us cook and put finishing touches on most of our dishes. One of our favorite things to make is sushi!

Movie nights at home are a favorite on weekends (or even on a weeknight if we don’t have other obligations.) Home movie nights also mean that we get to snuggle together on the couch. We also love going out to the movies. And, of course, there must always be popcorn.

We truly value the experience of travel. From conversation during the ride there and back, to all the activities that we do during our trips. We take multiple vacations each year. The memories made during our trips are worth every penny spent on them.

We celebrate birthdays BIG! The week of your birthday, you get to pick dinner every night. We celebrate with family, at school, with friends, and have started scheduling trips around birthday times!

One of our favorite traditions is collecting Christmas tree ornaments from places we visit. We decorate for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving and always enjoy unpacking all our ornaments and remembering our trips together.

Our Adoption Journey

We have been truly blessed to help many friends through their adoption processes and have loved seeing their families grow because of their journey. For many years, we felt that God had only called us to support others as they completed their adoption journeys. One night in August 2022, as we were having our normal nightly conversation, we fully discovered that this was no longer the case. God had been working on both of us separately to tell us that it was now our turn to complete our family through an adoption journey. We discussed how God was working in our lives individually to let us know that our next step in life was to add another family member. After this discussion, we were truly amazed to see all the things God used to let us know this was exactly His path for our family – from random postcards to church lessons to innocent discussions with friends. We then presented the idea of adding a brother or sister through adoption to our boys. Their reaction was beautiful and amazing. They were all for it and said “Why wouldn’t we adopt?” God had prepared them to fully accept the idea of adoption by interacting with our friend’s families. We are very eager to meet the child that God has in store to complete our family.

A Little More About Us…







Doctorate of Medicine

Bachelors of Science in Communication

and Nursing

Favorite Hobby

Cooking, Traveling, Gardening

Shopping, Decorating, and

Being Outside

Favorite Food

French Fries


Favorite Dessert

Anything with fruit

Vanilla Cake with Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

Favorite Holiday



Favorite Movie

Princess Bride

The Proposal

Favorite TV Show


Gilmore Girls

Favorite Music Artist/Group

The Fray

I like lots of different styles of music! I can’t pick a favorite.

Favorite Vacation Spot