Dear Birthmother,

We are Kyle and Katie, and we are so excited to grow our family through adoption. We can’t wait to share our love with a child of our own. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. It’s hard to show in just a few paragraphs what our lives are like, but we hope to give you a glimpse of who we are and what is important to us.

We realized that we have taken different paths in life to meet together today here in this profile. Our road was paved by infertility, and we can’t begin to imagine the thoughts and emotions you’ve had on this journey so far. However, we know for certain that we have been called to adoption, and we promise to provide a home filled with love, care, understanding, and support.

We want you to know how much we admire your strength in making this decision, and we respect your decision to do what you feel is in the best interest of your child. Without courageous and selfless people like you, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to have a family of our own.

We hope you take time to browse our profile and that the real us is revealed to you through our words and pictures.


We met briefly in college during Katie’s junior year and Kyle’s senior year. It was a funny chance meeting, but didn’t really mean anything until a year later when our paths crossed again at a Southeastern Conference championship event. We were both working the event as volunteers, and our friendship then began to blossom. We remained casual friends, seeing each other at SEC events and through phone calls, but we didn’t really get close until Katie moved to work in Birmingham, Alabama, while Kyle was about an hour away working in Livingston. Kyle would often come to Birmingham to get away and we would go get dinner or hang out. Unbeknownst to Katie, this is was Kyle’s way of wooing her. However, Katie resisted a romantic relationship with Kyle until about 10 years later. Katie made the move back to Jackson to start teaching and Kyle had moved to Louisiana.

Our relationship grew stronger through some huge life events like Kyle major change in jobs and the death of Katie’s father. In the fall of 2013, we decided to give it a chance, a year later we were engaged, and seven months after that we were married on July 11, 2015.

We both grew up in Christian homes, where we were loved and encouraged to be who God created us to be and to use the talents that we were gifted with. Who knows how our child will be gifted! Whatever it is — we cannot wait to encourage them the way we were.

Kyle talks about Katie: Katie is the one that God sent to me. My mom always said, “God would have to place the perfect woman under a scoreboard with arrows that said ‘Her’” to get his attention. Even though it wasn’t exactly a scoreboard and there were no arrows, there was no doubt it was her. I knew from a chance encounter in college that there was something different, even though I couldn’t place my finger on it. We balance each other. Her calendars, planners and schedules matches well with my no-nonsense, carefree, as-the-wind-blows personality.

Katie is very caring… to everyone. She cares deeply for her family, friends and her students. Former students of hers often refer to her as a mother figure and look to and lean on her for support and/or guidance involving things in their lives (school or personal). This was made evident at a Sunday evening church service when she concluded singing, the senior pastor stopped her before she left the stage to reference something he saw she had posted about her life in the classroom and her love for her students. He made a point to acknowledge her in front of others for the role she plays in their lives, her devotion and love for them. She is always there for them just like she is for her family and friends. Even former students of mine, who I refer to as “my kids”, love her as a mom.

Seeing her interact with students (both of ours), family, and friends, I have no doubt that she will make a great mother. She’s a fantastic role model, fun to be around, and a leader.

Katie talks about Kyle: There are a lot of things I love about Kyle, and I wholeheartedly believe that God meant for us to be together. We are the perfect balance for each other. When one person is stressed out or upset, one is there to put the other at ease. The main thing I love about Kyle is his compassion for other people and the way that he makes it his mission to make someone laugh or brighten their day. I don’t know a single person that doesn’t meet Kyle and absolutely love him. He genuinely wants people to be happy, have fun, and get something positive out of his interactions with them.

He’s always lending a helping hand and goes above and beyond to do whatever he is doing to the best of his ability. Furthermore, that effort is not intended to get praise from anyone else. That effort is intended to elevate those around him.

He’s fun to be around, he’s a great friend, and he’s a great leader. There was no doubt in my mind when I realized that I wanted to marry Kyle that he would be a great leader for our family one day. In fact, that is what drew me to him. As I watched his interactions with other people, and more importantly his interactions with the student-athletes that he deals with everyday, I knew that he would be a good father. His compassion for others leads him to want the best for them, to correct an action that might be detrimental to them, and to speak up for them when they can’t do that for themselves.

There is never a dull moment with Kyle, and that’s why I think he’s the best partner for me and the best leader for our family.


We live in a one-story home, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Our home is comfortable and warm, and we loved to have visitors when we have time. Our favorite room is the living room. We spend a lot of quality time there watching sports and our favorite TV shows, like Survivor, Celebrity Family Feud, and CSI: New Orleans. We live in a wonderful family-centered community with great public and private schools, which would allow for different options for the best education for your child. Katie works at one of the local public schools, which has a great after-school care setup for teachers with elementary-aged children.

We are surrounded by families in our neighborhood, and everyone is kind and welcoming. The neighborhood kids play outside together all the time. We have access to shopping and yummy restaurants just five minutes away. We are about a 15-20 minute drive from the city, where we attend church and love to go to restaurants and music venues.

Katie’s mother and sister (and family) live just fifteen minutes away, and we gather just about every Sunday after church for lunch. Kyle’s family is a short two-and-half hour drive north of where we live.


We both have small, close-knit families, so your child will be joining a family that gives lots of love and enjoys spending time together. Our families are very similar with traditions and we spend as much time together as possible.

As mentioned before, we meet with Katie’s family (mom, sister, brother-in-law, and two nephews, 12 and 8) just about every Sunday for lunch. We also love to go to the movies together and spend holidays like Thanksgiving, Easter, Memorial Day and Labor Day together. Kyle’s family makes a big deal of Christmas and Independence Day, so we try to never miss those holidays, especially since they’re at a perfect time of the year for us work-wise.

Katie’s family takes a vacation together every year, most often to the beach on the Alabama/Florida coastline. We did take the whole family to Disney World a few years ago, which was a blast. Kyle’s family usually takes a trip to a college football bowl game every year after Christmas which is also fun because we love traveling to support our favorite college team, the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

We love to travel together, and we love to explore places new and old. Our favorite place to visit is New Orleans, but we also love to explore our own state as well as other places we’ve never been. Our favorite thing to do is sing in the car. Katie’s family is very musical, and she grew up singing in the car and on anything she could turn into a stage. She and her sister used to make up songs and performances to present to their parents and extended family. Her mom is a retired choral music teacher and her sister is a voice professor at a local college. Kyle sometimes feels like he married into the TV show, Glee.

Kyle’s family spent most of his childhood going from athletic event to the other. Between Kyle and his sister, they were at some sort of ball field every weekend. That love of sports continues today as they make every effort to cheer on the MSU Bulldogs in any sport they play. Kyle’s family also made every attempt to take a family vacation that they could during his childhood.


Katie has always felt the call to adopt since she was a young girl. Adoption has been very prevalent for her as she had a cousin and a best friend who were adopted. As she grew older, the concept of adoption became more clear to her and took on a different meaning as she studied the theological and spiritual connection of adoption into God’s family and adoption into an earthly family.

Kyle started feeling the need for adoption when living in Shreveport. It was something that was on his mind even before he and Katie started dating and progressing in their relationship. He had thought about adopting as a single parent like some of his friends. Once he and Katie started dating and becoming romantically involved, adoption was one of the first things they discussed as a couple. They both feel like this is the path that God has led them on.

When we decided it was time for us to start a family, we thought we’d pursue it both biologically and then eventually through adoption. After two years of trying, we sought medical advice and found out that we were battling infertility. We tried a few rounds of fertility treatment, but eventually felt our hearts turn toward adoption. This is how God wanted us to start a family. We started researching and talking to friends who had adopted and eventually settled on domestic adoption and called New Beginnings.

A little more about us….


Occupation Sports Information Director High School Teacher
Education Bachelor’s Degree from Mississippi State University Bachelor’s and Master’s from Mississippi State University
Favorite Hobby Watching sports, doing anything competitive, playing miniature golf, seeing live music Watching sports, doing anything musical, swimming, playing miniature golf, seeing live music
Favorite Food Anything, but fish Seafood
Favorite Dessert Anything salted caramel, King Cake Cookie Cake or Ice Cream w/Sprinkles
Favorite Holiday Christmas, 4th of July, Halloween Thanksgiving, Christmas, 4th of July
Favorite Movie Hoosiers The Wizard of Oz
Favorite TV Show CSI: New Orleans, Family Feud Survivor
Favorite Music Artist/Group Willie Nelson, Cowboy Mouth, Elvis I love Chris Stapleton, Lauren Daigle, Billy Joel, and Chicag.
Favorite Vacation Spot Anywhere I can play miniature golf The Beach or Disney World