Dear Birthmother, 


We just want to take a moment to thank you for your bravery in choosing adoption. You are embarking on one of the most rewarding and challenging seasons of your life. Every ultrasound, baby ninja kick to your insides, and inch added to your waistline is one step closer to God answering someone’s prayers to have a little one join their family. I want to say thank you for taking the time to consider our family as your child’s potential family. If you should choose our family, we promise to love your baby every second, kiss all their booboos, and make your courage known to them every day. We would be honored for you and your child to forever be part of our family. Please know that no matter your decision, we are praying for you and your child. You are dearly loved by a big God and he is watching over you. Lastly, we want to share a verse that has meant a lot to our family; we hope it means a lot to you throughout your pregnancy:

Romans 12:12 “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”

In Christ,

Lance & Alisha



I am pretty sure that the story of how we met could be made into a movie! Lance and I knew each other for a while through a mutual friend group. Although Lance went to college 4 hours away from me, we would typically see one another when everyone went out to eat, to see a movie, and even at a community event here and there. Lance claims that he knew he wanted to marry me when he saw me at the movie theater one of those times. While we saw one another often, we only really knew each other’s names. Eventually, Lance and I became Facebook friends; that was when Facebook was still very popular! One day, I decided to “like” one of his posts, and I messaged him on Facebook messenger to see if I could repost it on my wall. What I really meant was that I wanted to start a conversation with him because I thought he was pretty cute, and I didn’t know how else to talk to him due to the long distance. Obviously, my attempt to communicate with him paid off! That message turned into a group date to see a Christian movie, which led to hours of conversations, which ultimately led to our engagement a few years later. Lance is more of a spontaneous type, and that really showed in his proposal. One summer I was visiting my extended family, and I went to the mall with my aunt. Lance decided to drive 4 hours to come to surprise me; I guess we have a thing for 4 hour car rides. While that sounds awfully romantic, he forgot the simple fact that he didn’t know where anything was in that town. The only place he could find was the mall where I was, so he decided to go ahead and propose to me in Dillard’s by the makeup counter! So, there I was, in a t-shirt, surrounded by mannequins in bikinis, and being proposed to by the love of my life. We were engaged for a while, and eventually got married at a little church with our closest friends and family. We have been married for 8 years and have two children. We love to spend time together and grow as a family. Most importantly, we love the Lord and strive to serve Him daily.


We have lived in our home for 5 ½ years. We love our bright, red door, which I painted myself. Our home has an open floor plan, which allows our family to be together whether you’re in the kitchen, dining area, or living room. You can expect to see a lot of toys being played with at our house. We have a great backyard with a playset and a small kids’ trampoline that the kids use daily if the weather permits. Lance and I love to sit on the back porch, drinking coffee and chatting while the kids play. We live in a great neighborhood and have been able to make good connections with those that live around us.


-We love to go to Maemi and Pop’s house (grandparents on Alisha’s side of the family). The kids enjoy playing in the treehouse that Pop made for them and eating all of Maemi’s snacks.

-We enjoy spending time with our neighbors. We like to go to their house, where our kids play, and we enjoy a meal together.

-We go to church every Sunday morning and every Wednesday night. We have a relationship with many families at our church and love doing life with them.

-We love going on family walks. The more exercise and sunshine we can get while spending time as a family the better!

-We like watching movies. Snuggling up together on the couch is something we look forward to.

-We enjoy playing games together. We especially enjoy playing memory match games.

-Birthdays are a big deal in our family! We are sure to make you feel special on your birthday by getting together as a family, inviting friends over, opening presents, and, of course, eating cake!

-Christmas is a time that is full of traditions for our family. Some of the things that we do include decorating the house and Christmas tree, going to look at Christmas lights, having a gingerbread house-making competition, and wearing tacky Christmas sweaters.

-We always spend quality time with members of both sides of the family during the holidays. We enjoy catching up with one another, playing games together, and doing anything that involves a little healthy competition!

-We try to take at least one family trip per year. In the last few years, we have been able to enjoy time in the mountains, at the beach, and at Disney World.


Lance and I have talked about adopting a child ever since we were dating. We both knew that the Lord would have us adopt a child; we just did not know when. One Sunday morning we had a speaker preach a sermon at our church on adoption. In that service, I, Alisha, felt that this was the right time to begin our adoption journey. I had not spoken to Lance about it yet and I went upstairs for Sunday School. At the top of the stairs, there was a sign on the wall that said, “God is still speaking.” I went to the restroom before Sunday School began and I saw another sign on the wall that said, “Have courage.” At that moment, I knew without a doubt that it was time to pursue adoption. I eventually spoke to Lance about what I was feeling, only to find out that he was having the same feeling. Not long after that conversation, we started the application process with New Beginnings! God has opened all the doors throughout the adoption process so far, and we are excited for someone to choose us. 

A little more about us….


OccupationSenior Accountant (aka he saves the world one number at a time)Teacher
EducationBS in Kinesiology BS in Elementary Education and a minor in Spanish 
Favorite Hobbybasketballspending time outside with family
Favorite Foodhoney BBQ boneless wings my momma’s chili
Favorite Dessertpecan piebrownie
Favorite HolidayChristmas Christmas 
Favorite MovieCaptain America (Winter Soldier)Encanto
Favorite TV ShowStranger ThingsThe Parent Test
Favorite Music Artist/GroupRedEvan Craft
Favorite Vacation SpotTennessee beach in Navarre, FL