Dear Birth mother,

We’ve prayed, researched adoption options and agencies, read articles, talked with friends who’ve adopted, talked with people who have been adopted, and prayed again. As a summary of what we’ve learned during this journey, we believe adoption is the promise of unconditional love!

Adoption is not about giving up or giving away a child; it’s a sacrifice of complete, selfless, unconditional love and commitment. We hope to raise our child with the belief that he/she was loved unconditionally by you and that adoption was an opportunity for all of us to have a fuller life. We have prayed for you and your family and whatever situation in life that has led you to this path and to us. Thank you for choosing life for our child and thank you for the gift of attempted happiness and love you are providing. We make a promise to never negatively answer our child’s questions of adoption. We pray he/she learns to value the unconditional love given by Christ, us, family, and you.

We are hopeful and excited about the opportunity to love our child, given to us not by birth but by a gift from God. But isn’t that what life is – a gift from God? And what makes a family unit a family: commitment, love, prayer, support? When we are chosen to receive the gift of trust to raise our child, the word “adopted” will vanish and the label our child will learn as they grow up will be “our child” – a gift by God through you. We plan to raise our child with the knowledge that he/she is adopted and we pray he/she learns at the earliest age possible that adopted means “chosen and loved unconditionally by all.”

Thank you reading this beginning letter. We want to be as transparent as possible so you can learn who we are and see the hopes and dreams we have for family. We are not perfect, we’ve made mistakes, we have our ups and downs, and sometimes life seems just too tough; however, we hold together in faith, learn from our mistakes, rejoice in the ups, and persevere in the downs, and when life is too tough to face, we hold to faith, family, and each other until a brighter day shines through. We promise to raise our child in Christ and pray the first time the Lord tugs at his/her little heart for salvation that he/she accepts the gift of salvation without hesitation. We hope to enjoy life to the fullest and promise to love and cherish the gift of family all the days of our lives.

With hope,

Mark & Robyn



We met during (Robyn’s) senior year of high school at a youth event through church. We quickly became friends and the friendship turned into dating; after 11 months, (Mark) proposed and 4 months later, we were married. This year (2019) will be our 22nd wedding anniversary.

Mark is truly a great husband and will be an AWESOME dad. I love him completely and I cannot say enough positive things in a short letter about the blessing he has been in my life. He’s ridiculously patient, very kind hearted, loving, and funny in a corny kind of way. While rolling my eyes and laughing at him constantly, I tell him the worst thing about his jokes is that I always find them funny! He is hard working, encouraging, and a strong Christian leader in our home. He makes tough decisions of life based on prayer and thoughtfulness. He never raises his voice and he does not give up on something he’s trying to accomplish. I can truly say he was an answer to a young girl’s prayer for a fantastic husband. I can’t imagine not loving him! ~Robyn

Robyn is one in a million and I love her with all of my heart. She is a happy person that loves to laugh. Her sense of humor keeps both of us smiling, and I always love that she can’t help but laugh at my corny jokes.  She is very talented, enjoys cooking, enjoys talking, —so much talking— but she is also a great listener. She enjoys people and never meets a stranger. She is kind, smart, loving and always puts others before herself. She is a problem solver and won’t stop until she finds a solution. Family is extremely important to her. She comes from a big family that she loves unconditionally. She is agreeable and supportive in everything I do; she is an encourager and pushes me to do my best. (That problem solving thing she does often pays off.) She is truly my best friend, the apple of my eye, an excellent wife, and she will be a great mom! ~Mark


We have a well-rounded lifestyle. We value time at home, enjoy relaxing on the front or back porch, and cuddling up to watch movies or playing games with family or friends. We enjoy time with family and we enjoy vacationing as often as finances allow.

We have a comfortable home on three acres of land near town with plenty of neighbors and room to play in our yard or room to safely ride a bike. We have a cattle farm and land with room to fly kites and play ball. We’re well rounding in life activities: we’re faithful in our church, we enjoy farming cattle and gardening, but we’re also comfortable in the active setting of larger cities.


Luke 12: 34 – For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. ~ Family! We are thankful for a very close family – both in distance and in heart. From working together in hay fields to supporting each other in the hardships in life, from birthday parties and football games to afternoons fishing or playing cards, we are there for each other. We may not always see eye to eye, and we may not talk every day, but whenever someone is needed, we are all there. When tragedy strikes, we pull together. But we are also together simply for an afternoon of hamburgers or ice-cream.

Most every Sunday after church, we eat at Mark’s mom’s with family. On Sunday afternoons, we have family that comes to our home for supper and games. On Wednesdays, we are at church, again with family. On Fridays or Saturdays, we are usually working together or attending some kind of sporting event with family. I (Robyn) talk with my mom almost every day and we see each other at least 4 to 5 times a month; and, my sisters and I are always a phone call away – or a 10 minute drive.

Always surrounded in prayer, from the smallest successes to the major complications of life, our child will have a support system in family that will not fail.


Mark and I have always wanted to start a family, but we didn’t start trying to have children until we’d been married for around ten years. While going through many medical procedures to have biological children, Mark and I considered adoption. And, before a final medical procedure’s outcome, we decided we were done with medical procedures and we committed to adoption! We decided that if we adopted our child AND had a biological child as well, we’d be extremely blessed and thankful to have two children. Although, we are now unable to have biological children, we are committed and thankful for the privilege to be selected to adopt our children.


 A little more about us….


Occupation Surveyor, Cattle Farmer, Awesome Husband Teacher, Fantastic Wife
Education Some college, on the job training / advancement Master’s Degree and National Board Certification
Favorite Hobby Fishing Flower Gardening, Arts
Favorite Food Italian, Steak, Soul Food Seafood, Sandwiches, Salad
Favorite Dessert Chocolate Chip Cookie Strawberry Cake
Favorite Holiday Easter ALL Holidays J
Favorite Movie Action, Marvel Series **Hallmark**
Favorite TV Show Fishing Shows and Football Friends, Hallmark
Favorite Music Artist/Group Classic Rock Almost all music – it’s a moment by moment decision
Favorite Vacation Spot A Fishing Lake The Beach