Dear Expectant Mother,

Humbled by the weight of your decision, we are honored that you are taking the time to read over our profile. We know what we’ve been feeling through the process of adoption – excitement, longing, fear, hope. We can’t begin to imagine the range of emotions you must be feeling as you make your choice. We respect and honor you as you work towards your decision.

Through our profile, we hope you gain a sense of the happiness, love, and joy we have to share and pray we can help fulfill your desire to find a loving home for your child.


We are Matt and Dana Hinson and have been together for 10 years, married for 8, and love being around each other. We met in 2005 through Dana’s sisters, with whom Matt was friends and attended church with. Once Dana moved to the same town as Matt, we quickly developed a closer friendship and eventually started dating. After many late-night chats, laughs, and adventures we got married on September 3, 2010.

Dana enjoys reading, playing games, and hanging out with friends and family. Matt loves to do things that pertain to sports and the outdoors, as well as hanging out with friends and family. Together, we are a family that loves God, people, traveling, and outdoor adventures. We attend a non-denominational church together every week that we love.

Matt admires that Dana is thoughtful, levelheaded, and great at making others feel good about themselves. She is an amazing homemaker and always has words of affirmation to give. Dana is the Administrative Pastor for our church and enjoys being able to work from home and fulfill her passion for ministry. Dana has loved caring for babies and children since she was a young girl and now feels extremely blessed to have a niece and nephew that she adores.

Dana loves that Matt is intellectual, thoughtful, and has a great sense of humor. He works hard as a Product Innovation Manager for his company and does an amazing job at making sure the needs of his family are met. While he is committed to his job during work hours, he is fully dedicated to spending time with his family in the evenings and on weekends. Matt loves being an uncle. He is good at entertaining and making his niece and nephew laugh.


We live in a beautiful 3-bedroom home in a calm and quiet neighborhood across the street from an elementary school. We have friendly neighbors which include some older couples as well as young families with children of all ages. Our home is cozy with a large fenced backyard. We have one dog, Pepper, which we rescued from a dumpster beside our church. She is trained, good with children, and loves to play!

We are surrounded by a large network of friends and family who are eager to welcome any child with open arms. Our church community is a loving and diverse community that doesn’t just meet on Sunday but loves one another and our city daily. They are supportive and joyful in waiting with us.


Our extended family is close-knit, fun, and love being aunts, uncles, and grandparents. They are excited and supportive to welcome a new baby, through adoption, to our family trips, reunions, holiday celebrations, and everyday life. Some of our favorite family traditions include: family game nights, Christmas morning breakfast of chocolate gravy and biscuits, family fishing trips, and family vacations to new places and camping trips!


We’ve created a lot of great memories during our time together and five years ago we decided we were ready for the ultimate adventure of parenthood. Adoption has always been a discussion throughout our courtship and marriage, however, after trying unsuccessfully to conceive on our own and through fertility treatments, we began to discuss adoption more frequently. We talked and prayed about having children to share our love with and know that adoption is a unique and wonderful way to do this.

Any child who joins our family will be loved unconditionally. They will be raised to know Jesus and to be confident in who they are meant to be. We pray peace and wisdom for your journey!

Again, thank you for taking the time to get to know us!


Matt and Dana Hinson

A little more about us….




Product Innovation Manager

Administrative Pastor


Master of Business Administration

Master of Science of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Bachelor of Science of Early Childhood Development

Master of Social Work

Favorite Hobby



Favorite Food

Ribeye Steak

Japanese Food

Favorite Dessert

Ice Cream

Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

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Favorite Movie


The Greatest Showman

Favorite TV Show

The Blacklist


Favorite Music Artist/Group

Zac Brown Band

Jesus Culture

Favorite Vacation Spot


Somewhere with Mountains