Dear Birthmother,

        Thank you for choosing life, specifically the life of your child. Even though we do not understand the circumstances surrounding your reasons to choose adoption, God does; and we thank you for doing so. Thank you for taking the time to look at us to receive this magnificent blessing.

Our excitement grows day by day. There is a plan in place that our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, set in motion when He created time. His plan involves so many people, but this portion of His plan is special and specific for you, your baby and us. It is so exciting because whether you realized it or not, we have been praying for this plan to be completed. That means, we have been praying quite some time for you. It is very possible that here, our paths may cross as it was designed to do, so long ago.

Now you have this letter before you with a grand decision to make. We pray as you read this that you are making a prayerful decision, yourself, and that you allow God to guide you in it. May He lead you to the couple He has desired you to join with from all eternity.


Michael is a loving, patient, tender, inquisitive, precise, and fun man!  He enjoys deep theological and intellectual conversation and study.  All the while, retaining a fun-whited and playful spirit.  He is sensitive to the needs of others and prayerfully seeks solutions to aide.  I admire his tenacity and drive to meditate on the Word of God, humble himself, teach others and love the Lord and His people well.  Children are drawn to him and he will make an incredible dad as he leads by example.

Kelly is kind, caring, selfless and loving. She tends to be more on the spontaneous side, which gives us a good balance. Kelly loves the Lord Jesus with all of her being, is a prayer warrior and is passionate about sharing Him with others. Kelly absolutely loves children and is a baby magnet. If there is a baby in the room, you had better believe she will find her way to him/her. She is going to be an amazing mother someday.

We were setup by God and loving family members on a blind date almost three years ago.  We courted at restaurants, parks, church, and homes of family and friends.  Within 4 months we were engaged and within 9 months of meeting we were married.  We have focused on the Lord, prayer, Bible reading and service unto Him as single and married people.  We are deeply excited to have children gifted into our marriage and to teach them of Christ’s bountiful love with joy for and over them.


We live in a spacious three-bedroom two-bathroom home that Michael purchased in 2009.  It is on a quiet cul-de-sac with truly kind neighbors and friends.  Our front yard has a large shade tree that covers the lawn.  In the summer, flowers line the walkway to our home.  The rooms in our home are all painted in cool tranquil colors of beige, blue, and green. The main living area is the focus of the house and is simply furnished with leather sofas and chairs as well as pictures, wall-hangings, books, and a piano. We purposely have chosen not to have a television at this time so that we can focus on spending time with each other talking, reading, playing games, worshiping, fellowshipping and prayerfully engaging when we have friends and family over. We have a good-sized back yard that currently houses a large chicken coop that Michael built, with nine black and white laying hens as well as a spacious and thriving garden where we grow vegetables and fruit.

We live in an area of town that has access to many community resources only a few minutes away. For example, the three largest hospitals in the state are all only 10 minutes away. There are also countless medical specialists, grocery stores, special education programs, and our church.  There are numerous parks, bicycle paths and walking trails, community centers, and public attractions like museums, the aquarium, and the zoo all within minutes of our home.


We have our set daily routines, like reading the Bible, praying, working, exploring each other’s day when we get home and walking around the neighborhood or other places in our town. Recently we have found a new fun activity which is to take weekend day trips to locations around our state where we can browse in shops, explore, hike, spot hot air balloons and ride horses all while enjoying its uniqueness.

We have a good size family on both sides who are extremely excited for us to adopt and that is putting it lightly! They are who we enjoy spending most of our free time with outside of daily home life. We spend our holidays, birthdays, special events and other get-togethers with our extended family. There are many generations at these gatherings from toddlers, school aged children all the way through grandparents and great grandparents!

We are a bit more spontaneous with our vacations. We do not have a spot that we frequent, we like to mix it up. In 2019, we went to the Carolina’s to visit friends and then to Israel to expand our understanding of the Bible and love for Christ.  We were blessed with an experience of a lifetime from our Lord in His Holy Land.


We both love children and knew at a young age we wanted them.  Since 8th grade Kelly knew she wanted to adopt at least one child. Michael’s desire to adopt began in his early twenties. While courting we spoke about our desires to birth children in addition to adopting.  Although this desire remains, we have not been able to birth a child.  In June 2020, God made it noticeably and individually clear to the both of us on the same day, that it was time to start the adoption process.  We joyfully obeyed, researched until exhaustion, and cried out to God in prayer. The next day He sent us New Beginning Adoption Agency through an e-mail.  We are extremely excited to be called by the Lord to adopt children into our home and generously love them, just as God has adopted us into his eternal family.

A little more about us….

OccupationCourt Security SpecialistOccupational Therapist
EducationTraditional College, Bible College and Police CertificateMaster of Occupational Therapy and School of Ministry
Favorite HobbyLearning and gardeningOutdoor activities
Favorite FoodRibsHomemade Pizza
Favorite DessertAll of them ????Homemade Ice Cream
Favorite HolidayResurrection SundayResurrection Sunday, Thanksgiving & Christmas
Favorite MoviePrincess BrideAnne of Green Gables
Favorite Music Artist/GroupReliant KRich Mullins
Favorite Vacation SpotIsraelIsrael