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Paul and Sara

Dear Birthmother,

Thank you so much for taking the time to view this and get to know our family a little better. We have so much respect for you considering adoption. We do not know the journey that has brought you here, but we know that this decision has been incredibly hard. We have always wanted a large, loving family. While we do have a daughter, we are looking to grow our family. We have struggled with infertility for the past few years. During this hard time our prayer was never to get pregnant but was to have another baby. Our trust in God has grown knowing He has a unique plan for our lives and how our family is going to grow. God gave us such a sense of peace when we decided to pursue adoption. We respect all expecting mothers, their families, and the choices they make for their babies. We have so much more love in our hearts to give. Family means everything to us and we are both blessed with a wonderful set of parents and siblings. We are so close with our siblings and cherish our relationships with them. We want our daughter to have that special bond that only siblings have. Please believe us when we say that God has laid out this path for us. We are praying for you and your journey. Your child will be treated and loved as our own, and we will always share your story with them. Your baby will be uniquely itself and your decision will always be respected within our family. We would be so blessed to welcome your baby into our family.

About Us

We met at the University of Tennessee. Sara was drawn to Paul because he was so truly himself and not worried about what other people thought of him. He does not care if he is perceived as “cool” which is what makes him so cool. Paul was drawn to Sara because she was laid back, hard working, and a loyal friend. Sara is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and loves her patients and their families. Paul started his own business, a wholesale tree farm. The farm is just 30 minutes from our house and we spend a lot of time out there. Family and faith are our core values. We put God first and trust in his plan for us. We prioritize our families above all else. We have a sweet almost 7 year old dog named Reggie who loves going to the farm with Paul and on walks with Sara. We have a daughter, Prue, who is the center of our lives but we have so much more love to give.

Our Home / Community

Our home has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. We have created a warm and loving home for our small family and hope to continue to grow our family. We live in a suburban neighborhood with lots of other families. We spend a lot of time outside playing with chalk or blowing bubbles. After dinner each night we walk or ride bikes to the neighborhood playground.

Family Activities / Traditions

Our lives revolve around our daughter, Prue. A typical weekend includes going to the playground or the zoo. We often meet up with friends who also have children her age to let them play. If it is a Saturday in the fall, we will be with friends watching Tennessee Football. We love to grill and spend time in our backyard. Our neighborhood has a pool and you can find us there all summer long. 

We both have large loving families and Prue has a lot of cousins. We take a lot of vacations with our families. We go out to Utah to spend time in the mountains, we can’t wait to teach Prue how to ski. We also love going to the beaches in Florida. 

Holidays are a big deal in our family. We celebrate the Fourth of July at the farm swimming and cooking out with friends. Christmas we celebrate all month long. We go to the Christmas Parade, go see Christmas lights, and of course decorate our house.

Our Adoption Journey

We have always wanted a big family full of love and joy. We have struggled with infertility the last two years. We prayed and prayed and God has led us to adoption. We have learned to trust in God’s plan for us and trust that He has a plan to grow our family. We have immense respect for mothers considering adoption and know your journey has been hard. We would be so blessed to welcome a child into our family.

A Little More About Us…




Business Owner- Wholesale Tree Farm

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner- Pediatric Oncology


Bachelor’s Degree

Master’s Degree

Favorite Hobby

Tennessee Football


Favorite Food


Homemade Pizza

Favorite Dessert

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Ice Cream

Favorite Holiday

4th of July


Favorite Movie

Top Gun

Forrest Gump

Favorite TV Show

The Walking Dead

Anything Reality TV

Favorite Music Artist/Group

Old School Country- George Jones

Chris Stapleton/Beyonce

Favorite Vacation Spot

Destin, Florida