Dear Birthmother, 

Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile book and our family. We consider this a great honor that you have given us the consideration to be the adoptive parents of your child. More than anything, I do wish we were there to give you a big hug. We do not fully understand but do acknowledge this truly tough decision you are currently facing. Even though your situation does not allow for you to raise this beautiful baby yourself, thank you so much for allowing your baby to be cherished and loved by others looking to grow their families.  

We pray daily for you and this precious baby you are carrying. We may not know you personally, but pray that God wraps his arms around you and provides overwhelming support, peace, and love during this season of your life. You will always be in our prayers! 



When we were children and young adults, our lives ran parallel for many years with a couple of connections along the way. Katie grew up with several of Rick’s cousins and Rick was church camp friends with Katie’s brother, however, we were never really introduced. When we were in our late teens, we ended up at the same social event where we were officially introduced. We have been together ever since. First as friends, then dating, and now married for 12 wonderful years! 

Rick is 36, with a Master’s Degree in Communications, and the owner of a marketing company. Katie is 35 with an Associates Degree in Business Management and Accounting but is now a SAHM who keeps the household running smoothly. Our family currently consists of Rick, Katie, a daughter, a son, and a puppy! 



We live in a ranch-style house with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Our house is very warm and inviting and we love to have our friends and family over. The living room and kitchen flow into each other and where we spend a majority of our time. We love family movie nights, cooking together, sharing meals, and playing with the kids in this space. We have a beautiful, fenced-in back yard with play equipment which allows us to spend much of our time outdoors with our wonderful neighbors. Our neighborhood consists of all ages which have some of the elderly treating our kids like their own grandkids, other SAHM friends for Katie to have play dates with during the week, and many children for our kids to play with. We really feel like we hit the jackpot with this neighborhood!! 



Our current family of four really enjoys spending time together and finding activities to enjoy. In the house, we have movie nights, dance parties, craft times, etc. We also love to get outside for hikes, riding bikes, or going on walks. Rick takes the kids out for breakfast each weekend and Katie takes the kids roller skating each Sunday.  

Both sides of our families live within an hour of us so we are often together for meals, birthday parties or holidays. We love cousin sleepovers or going on vacations with the grandparents. Holidays are probably our favorite time of year! Being able to decorate the trees, make cookies, holiday church services or go look at the lights really make the holidays enjoyable with our families.  



For years, Katie worked in Children’s ministry at church and always had a passion for children.  She started two bus ministries for two churches during her youth and that spurred her desire to be available for children in need.  When Rick and Katie were engaged, Katie discussed her desire to adopt, and in their marriage, they committed to growing their family through adoption. Having already experienced adding to our family through adoption, we knew that now is the right time to do so again. We are all so excited to have another baby in the family for everyone to love and spoil! 


A little more about us…. 


Occupation Marketing SAHM 
Education Master’s Degree Associates Degree 
Favorite Hobby Outdoor Activities (Hiking, Cycling) Collecting plants 
Favorite Food Pizza Sushi 
Favorite Dessert Pecan Pie pecan pie 
Favorite Holiday Christmas Christmas 
Favorite Movie Star Wars Tristan and Isolde 
Favorite TV Show The Office Grey’s Anatomy/Chesapeake Shores 
Favorite Music Artist/Group 70s/80s music Brandon Lake / Celine Dion 
Favorite Vacation Spot Anywhere Remote Southwest