Dear Birthmother,


To be honest with you, I don’t even know what to say.  The fact that we are even on this path still has me in awe.  I mean, holy moly! We have two teens, a tween, and here we are hoping to start over.  Why? Because God has called us here.  I am humbled He has led us to this place, and we are absolutely bursting with joy at the thought of being able to share our love, our lives, and our hearts with the blessing you are sharing with us.  We say thank you.  Thank you for choosing life, for choosing to put this blessing before yourself.  We are going to wrap this blessing in all the love that his or her heart will hold.  Please know your selflessness, your strength, your pain, and your bravery will never be forgotten.  We pray for you daily and will always cherish this beautiful thing you are doing for us.  Please know your beautiful gift will never be taken for granted.

With Gracious Hearts


Our story began 19 years ago at college.  My roommate introduced us to each other.  The first night we met, we talked as if we had known each other all our lives. He proposed 3 weeks later.  We were married 6 months later, and here we are at year nineteen, with forever to go.  Tony says the only thing he would change would be to meet me sooner, so he could love me longer.  Awe!

Tony likes the outdoors.  He loves to eat, and spend time hanging with the kids.  He is kind of bashful, but has such a giving spirit, and will help anyone.  He is a supervisor at his job and is currently pursuing his degree.

Becky is very outgoing and chatty.  She bakes cheesecakes, homeschools the kids, and does photography.  She is a registered nurse part-time and loves caring for the sick.

Together- We have three awesome, biological children.  We are active members within our church.  Tony runs the sound system.  Becky sings in the praise band and teaches a ladies small group.


We live in a small community with a great location.  We are about 30 minutes away from shopping and activities in either direction.  We live in a two-story brick home in the middle of an 8-acre lot.  Our home was built approximately 6 years ago.  It has 4 bedrooms upstairs, and the master is downstairs.  We have chosen to homeschool our children, but there are two options for schools close by, and we have access to 3 local libraries and parks.


We have a small, close knit family.  Both grandparents are within 10 minutes of our home.  They are all very active in our lives.  We love to spend time as a family.  We do a lot of fun activities.  We get together with our homeschool friends at the local parks.  We also go bowling, swimming, out to eat, and to the movies.  We also try to take one large vacation, and one small vacation each year.  We always try to take a trip around one of the kid’s birthdays, so they each feel special.  One year, we took a cruise to Mexico for our oldest child’s sixteenth birthday.


We have always felt a calling to give beyond ourselves.  We have so much love for one another, and our families that we felt it is selfish to keep it all within our own home.  The call to adopt started several years ago.  A lot of people couldn’t understand why we wanted to adopt because we were able to have children of our own.  All I can say is God has called us here.  I am so humbled that He chose our family to go on this journey.


A little more about us….


Occupation Warehouse supervisor Registered nurse-stay at home mommy
Education High school diploma-currently in college Associate’s degree
Favorite Hobby Cornhole, target shooting, traveling Baking cheesecakes, photography, crocheting
Favorite Food Fried catfish Blueberry muffins
Favorite Dessert White chocolate cheesecake Peach ice cream
Favorite Holiday Christmas Christmas
Favorite Movie Lethal Weapon Steel Magnolia’s
Favorite TV Show Everybody Loves Raymond Everybody Loves Raymond
Favorite Music Artist/Group Casting Crowns Elevation Worship & Lauren Daigle
Favorite Vacation Spot Tennessee Little Rock, Arkansas