Dear Loved One,

We want you to know that we love you and your baby already!  We have been praying for both of you unceasingly.  We to thank you for valuing the life inside of you and for your courage in choosing adoption.

We absolutely love being parents and we never take on day for granted.  Before having any children, we struggled for several years with infertility and we are finding ourselves in this place again.  However, just as in the adoption of our first son, we couldn’t be more sure that God is calling us to grow our family through adoption again!  We are so looking forward to the pleasure of raising this child.  This baby will be loved and celebrated by not only the two of us all of our lives, but also by our whole extended family.  This baby’s homecoming will be a celebration that reflects the great joy in our hearts as we continue growing our family.

We are continuing to pray that God will work in mighty ways through the beauty and complexity of this adoption process.  We love you and are deeply grateful for the love you have for this child.


Trevor & Amelia


We met in our junior year of college.  Amelia was already good friends with Trevor’s sister, who introduced them at the end of junior year.  We called each other on the phone all summer and then began dating when we got back to school.  We dated for a year, got engaged, and then were married 10 months later.  From the minute we met, we have loved spending time together simply enjoying one another’s company.  It doesn’t really matter what we are doing, but some of the fun activities we enjoy include cooking yummy dinners, taking walks or going for runs together around our neighborhood, hiking at various parks around town and being outdoors in general.  We really enjoy hosting friends and family that come to visit us and planning fun activities and cooking meals for everyone.

We are passionate about family!  We looked forward to becoming parents and raising children since the day we were married 9 years ago.  We feel blessed to have built a strong marriage filled with love, joy, compassion, and adventure.  We are both loving every minute of inviting our kids into our daily life activities and teaching them how to love others and enjoy life.  We also really enjoy nurturing each of our children’s unique gifts and watching them blossom into the person they will become under our care.  We view parenthood as a complete joy and privilege.

“I truly admire Trevor’s selflessness and gentleness in every interaction he has with me and our children.  His faith in Christ drives who he is and because of this, he has become such a strong leader for our family!  He pursues me daily in our marriage and I enjoy spending every moment I can with him.  Nothing has made me happier than watching Trevor become Dad to our children.  He loves them unconditionally and truly desires the best for them as individuals and members of our family.  Trevor is a physician who works with adults in the hospital setting.  He enjoys interacting with patients, listening to their needs, and determining the best plan to help them.  Trevor considers it a calling to serve patients in their time of need and I am so proud of the caring physician he is.” – by Amelia

“One thing I love about Amelia is her spunk.  When I say spunk, I mean that she has great passion for life.  This passion means that there is never a dull moment with her and everyday feels like an adventure.  She keeps me on my toes, so I have to continually work to know her.  What a gift my wife inspires me to daily learn more of her heart!  I also love that Amelia’s interaction with our children is, in a word, beautiful.  To see her play, teach, and care for our children is to see my wife in her most natural state.  Interacting with children is when she is most vibrant and alive.  Amelia has a great heart for nurturing our children and allowing them to flourish.  She creates a supportive environment in which a child can grow and learn, but she also puts structure and boundaries in place to provide a framework to build rules upon.  I am thankful that Amelia considers it a blessing to be able to stay home with our children every day and takes delight in raising them.” – by Trevor


We live in the urban suburbs of a large city in Virginia.  Our home located in a neighborhood we love, filled with many families with children.  One of the things we love most about our home is the yard!  We love interacting with our neighbors in the front yard, and our fenced-in backyard allows for lots of running, swinging, picnicking, water play, and much more.  We are a close walk to a few neighborhood parks and around the block from the local elementary which we feel very excited to have our children attend in the future.  We are so thankful for our home!  We seek to make it a place of warmth, peace, natural beauty, and fun.


Our family loves the outdoors!  Whenever possible, we choose to enjoy God’s creation in different places around our city.  Last year, some highlights were going to an apple orchard to pick our own apples and seeing all the lights at the botanical garden grounds during Christmastime.  We have a lot of adventures around our house each day too!  As parents, we work hard to provide our children with creative outlets and we love watching their imaginations and personalities blossom.  We also prayed for rich community in our city and God provided this!  We love walking to our neighborhood parks and spending time outside in general and with friends.  Amelia loves taking the kids to weekly playdates with friends from church and our neighborhood.  We frequent parks around town with friends, attend a weekly playgroup, and often invite others into our home to hang out and play.  Our family is very involved in the adoption community at our church where we regularly gather with other adoptive families.

Our extended family is one of the greatest treasures in our lives.  We are so thrilled that each family member is excited to welcome this baby into our family.  Their love and support is invaluable to us!  This baby will have 2 sets of grandparents, and they are only a short drive away from our home and visit often!  In addition to loving and interactive grandparents, this baby will have 4 uncles and 3 aunts who are very active in our children’s lives.  There are 6 cousins in the mix too, all of whom our children love playing with.

Some of our family’s traditions include enjoying authentic Italian meals on Thanksgiving Day with Amelia’s family and going to Sunset Beach, NC every summer with Trevor’s family.  Both Amelia’s parents both have Italian heritage and ravioli-making becomes the main event on Thanksgiving Day.  Her dad makes the pasta dough, and then the rest of the family begins an assembly line to continue the process of making the ravioli.  Last year, we hosted Thanksgiving for Trevor’s family and served the traditional dish to them!  Trevor grew up going to Sunset Beach, NC every year with all his extended family.  We look forward to spending time with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins galore.  We love to take walks and runs so much with our kids that every time we get the stroller out, both Caleb and Ezra ask for “stroller run?!!” and climb right in.  When the walks and runs become beachfront activities at Sunset Beach, it just makes it even more delightful.


Our adoption journey began years ago before the adoption of our firstborn son (who is now nearly 3 years old).  The minute God led us to grow our family through adoption, we knew we would adopt more than once.  It is very important to us that our children know there are different ways to build a family and each way is precious and unique.  It is also very important to us as parents to seek to build a family that reflects God’s diversity in creation – to that end we desire to again grow as a transracial family.  We strive to work hard for each of our children to know and appreciate their cultural background and celebrate how it makes our family more beautiful and complete.

A little more about us….


Occupation Physician Stay at home mom; Speech Pathologist
Education BS, MD BA, MA
Favorite Hobby Running and relaxing on the porch Cooking and playing outside
Favorite Food Thai food Sushi
Favorite Dessert Cherry cheese pie Cheesecake
Favorite Holiday Christmas Thanksgiving
Favorite Movie Last of the Mohicans Any Marvel movies
Favorite TV Show West Wing The Flash
Favorite Music Artist/Group Passion or Jump Little Children Audrey Assad
Favorite Vacation Spot Charleston, SC The mountains in the fall