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What is a Home Study For Adoption?

August 21, 2020

Are you ready to begin a home study in Mississippi? Many couples feel anxious about a social worker coming into their home. It’s completely normal to feel a little nervous about the process. We know how excited and hopeful potential adoptive parents are, and we want to make the process as smooth as possible. New Beginnings is a Hague accredited adoption agency. We are also licensed to provide international and domestic home study services throughout Mississippi.

What is a Home Study?

A home study is required for both domestic and international adoption. So, what exactly should you expect? Every prospective adoptive parent goes through an in-depth review in order to legally adopt. A home study in Mississippi usually involves evaluations of the adoptive parents’ relationship, inspections of their residence, parenting ideas, and medical history. This evaluation also includes employment verification, financial status, and criminal background checks. Adoptive parents are required to participate in education courses to prepare to become an adoptive parent. 

How Long Does A Home Study Take?

The Home Study Process can vary based on agency. At New Beginnings, our home study process typically takes three months. Every home study process and timeline looks a little different in each situation. Depending on the factors, some studies can take longer. We recommend that adoptive families return their paperwork as soon as possible and complete their background checks in a timely manner. Late paperwork is one of the biggest factors in delayed home studies.

What’s The Difference Between a Domestic vs. International Home Study?

There are a few differences between an international and a domestic home study. In an international home study in Mississippi, you are required to meet with your social worker at least four times. Each adoptive family and prospective adoption is different, and our team works hard to make each home study as efficient as possible. In the case of a domestic adoption, the adoptive family is required to meet with the social worker at least three times.

Where Do I Start?

The Home Study process starts with an application. Once you turn in your application and your application fee, the adoptive family receives a “Home Study Packet” via email. This contains documents to look over as you prepare for your home study. Your case will be assigned to a social worker, and she will set up your home study visits. During this time, you will also complete background checks, and any other tasks in the screening process. After the visits, the home study will be sent to you. If you are working with New Beginnings, we will finalize your home study and explain the next steps.

Home studies can be an overwhelming process, but our team aims to make it as efficient and smooth as possible. New Beginnings offers home studies to adoptive families working with us or an outside agency. If you’re ready to start your home study in Mississippi, contact McKenzie Garrison at 662.842.6752 x 103 or Renae Vallas at 662.842.6752 x 104.