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What Your Child’s Birth Mother Wants You To Know

June 15, 2020

As an adoptive parent, it can be difficult to understand the journey that a birth mother goes through. It requires true bravery and strength. When a birth mother first comes to us, we try to understand her story, her circumstances, and her vision for the future. Our role is to support her as she makes an adoption plan for her unborn child.  These decisions are not easy. Here are three things every woman wants adoptive parents to know.

A Birth Mother Chooses Adoption Because She Loves Her Child.

A birth mother doesn’t choose adoption because she wants to “give her child up.” She chooses this path because she wants the best life possible for her child. This is a true act of selflessness. Many women don’t feel they are in the right season of life to care for a child. They might not have a consistent income, a stable partner, or a supportive environment to raise a child. When a birth mother chooses adoption, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want her child. It means that she wants to give her child a safe, loving home. A birth mother is putting her child’s needs ahead of her own. 

Even Though She Is Confident About Her Decision, It Doesn’t Make It Any Less Hard.

We prepare every birth mother for the journey ahead, but it doesn’t mean the journey is easy. There are a lot of different emotions to process. She might feel sad, guilty, or uneasy as the day of adoption draws near.  She has put a lot of time and effort into creating the right adoption plan for her child, and she may feel nervous about what the actual events will look like. A birth mother might feel a lot of emotions on the day of adoption, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t confident about her new adoptive family. She has carefully selected your family for a reason. Even after she gives birth, it will take her heart time to heal.

She Still Has So Much Love For This Child.

When she makes an adoption plan, it doesn’t mean she won’t be thinking about her child in the future. Birth mothers still have so much love for the child. She carried the child in her womb for nine months. She may think of the child every single day. No matter how the birth mother moves forward, know that she has so much love in her heart for the child. She would not have made this decision if she didn’t trust that this child would be in good hands. 
If you are an adoptive parent, know that each birth mother has been through a long journey. It has been filled with different emotions. There is nothing she wants more than this child to have a safe, happy life. If you’d like to learn more about New Beginnings Adoptions, feel free to fill out our quick contact form.