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Why Every Birth Mother Should Know Her Rights

November 13, 2020

Did you know that every birth mother has specific rights in the adoption process? Some birth mothers would like to be deeply involved in every decision, while others would rather have a care team make certain decisions instead. As you start to make an adoption plan, it’s important for every woman to know about a birth mother’s rights.

Every Birth Mother Has The Right To Be Treated With Dignity And Respect

There is room for nothing less than respect for every birth mother. We believe that birth mothers are some of the most selfless and brave people we have ever met. As a birth mother, we know that you are sacrificing so much so that your unborn child can grow up in a safe and loving home. It is not an easy decision to make, and we believe that every birth mother should be respected for her decisions. Our team will never pressure you or shame you for making a certain decision. We want to support you in the process, and remind you that you deserve to be treated with dignity.

Every Birth Mother Has The Right To Choose An Open/Closed/Semi-Open Adoption

This is an important decision for many birth mothers. It can be difficult to decide which kind of adoption you will want for your child. Our care team can explain the differences between an open, closed, and semi-open adoption so that you have all of the information you need. If you would like guidance, we are happy to talk it through with you. If you already have a strong conviction, we will be ready to help you move forward with your decision. As the birth mother, you are in control of your adoption plan. Every woman in this situation deserves to know a birth mother’s rights to navigate through it with all of the correct information. So, what are the differences between an open, closed, and semi-open adoption?

An Open Adoption allows you to have the option of seeing the child again in the future. 

A Semi-Open Adoption means that you may meet the family, but there are certain limitations. All ongoing contact will be handled through the adoption agency. Text us at 662-401-5823 to learn more details about this option.

A Closed Adoption means you have the option of having no contact after the child is placed.

Every birth mother has different reasons for her decisions, and there is never any pressure from our staff to choose a certain way.

Every Birth Mother Has The Right To Choose An Adoptive Family For The Child

As a birth mother, you might have strong convictions about the type of family you would like your child to grow up in. You have every right to choose the adoptive family that you feel is best for your unborn child. Some birth mothers would rather have the adoption agency choose the adoptive family for her. There is no wrong way to approach this, but we encourage every birth mother to consider what is most important to her in this process.

If you have questions about a birth mother’s rights during the adoption process, text us at 662-401-5823.  Our care team has helped hundreds of birth mothers navigate through their own unique circumstances. Our loving staff will never pressure you. We are here to help you navigate through your questions and understand your options.