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You don’t have to face an unwanted pregnancy alone.

New Beginnings is here for you during this difficult and overwhelming time. Our staff will help you understand your options, answer your questions, and help you find love and hope for your future and the future of your baby. There is no easy, one-size-fits-all solution for your situation.

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With an unplanned pregnancy, all the choices are hard. But, you can make the best decisions when you have all the information you need about all the choices. Our services, managed by our loving staff, run deep and our experience gives you comfort and ease during this uneasy time. We are here to help you find hope through a new beginning.


Thousands of couples are facing the same hopelessness you are feeling. Women, just like you, are struggling. Their struggle is to become a Mom. Through adoption, you can give your child and other women seeking motherhood, hope, and love.

New Beginnings is an international & domestic adoption agency, working closely with couples who are waiting to become parents. These awaiting families are ready to provide a home filled with love for a child.  Each of these couples has a story, and all share a desire to give a child a forever home.  


Every child deserves a forever home.  We exist to connect children with loving families.

As a woman facing an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy there are so many emotions and feelings you are experiencing.  Our dedicated and comforting staff are here to listen and help you find peace and hope in knowing your options for this child.


Providing Home Study Services for Families During Their Adoption Journey

New Beginnings is an international & domestic adoption agency, offering family home studies, updates and post-placement reports for families working with us or an outside primary agency.

What Is a Home Study?

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A home study is an in-depth review that prospective adoptive parents must go through to legally adopt. A home study typically includes evaluations of the adoptive parents’ relationship, inspections of their residence, parenting ideas, medical history, employment verification, financial status, and criminal background checks. Families are also required to complete education courses that will help you prepare for being an adoptive parent. After the home is completed, the family will have the opportunity to view the study prior to the final printing. Home studies can become “outdated.” There is a time period, usually one year, before a home study needs to be updated.

How Long Does the Process Take and How Many Visits Take Place?

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The home study process typically takes around three months to complete. This can be completed more quickly, or the process may take longer than three months. Factors that affect the time of completion include how quickly paperwork is completed and turned in by the family and how quickly background checks and references are received. There are a required number of visits within the home study process. For an international home study, you will be required to meet with your social worker at least four times. For a domestic home study, you will be required to meet with your social worker at least three times.

What Are the Steps to Follow?

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  • Complete and return the New Beginnings Application and application fee. You will then receive a home study packet email detailing preliminary documents to submit in order to complete your home study.
  • e-Adopt set up – once you have returned your initial paperwork, your adoption portal account will be set up and a link will be provided to you. You will be able to access all of your home study paperwork.
  • Your case will be assigned to a social worker, who will contact you to set up your first home study meeting. Remember, payment is due before your first visit. This fee should be sent directly to the Mississippi office.
  • Continue to work on and submit all required background checks and required adoption documents.
  • Complete the remaining home study visits with your worker.
  • Once all of your visits and documents have been completed and submitted, the home study will be written and sent through the editing process.
  • You then will review your home study. If you are working with another agency for placement, your placing agency will also review your home study.
  • Submit post-placement/adoption fees.
  • New Beginnings will finalize your home study.

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