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Why Should You Choose an Adoption Agency?

Adoption Agency vs. Private Firms

When you are considering adoption, you have choices.  One of those choices is to work with an adoption agency or a private adoption attorney. While both work to place your child with a family, the services offered can look very different.

The Benefits of Choosing an Adoption Agency:

  • Work with you to create individualized adoption plans ensuring the birthmother is in complete control
  • Agencies are#1 fans of birthmothers
  • Provide complete confidentiality
  • Agencies compassionately care about the birth mom as a whole person – not just her adoption plan
  • Provide involvement and assistance through every step of the process
  • Birth moms can choose the adoptive family through profile books
  • Offer supportive care during the hospital stay
  • Agencies are allowed by law to provide support services during pregnancy and after including:
    • Transportation
    • Housing
    • Utilities
    • Food
    • Clothing
    • Phone bill
    • Post Adoption Support
    • Adoption Education
    • Emotional support
    • Greif Counseling
    • No judgement

Private Adoption Firms:

  • Do not offer birthmother support
  • Do not provide a contact person after adoption has been completed
  • Provide legal services only
  • Primarily serve as an advocator for adoptive couples
  • Do not offer support during pregnancy
  • Do not offer grief counseling