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Chinese Games to Play with Your Children

August 15, 2014

We are excited to announce that we have a new partner program with Small World Adoptions in China! We already love this program and all of the blessings it is sure to bring. Blending your adopted child’s culture with your own can be an effective way to help them adjust to a new country. So check out these traditional Chinese games.

Catch the Dragon Tail

Although you can use a smaller number, you will need about ten children to play this game. The children all form a line with their hands on the shoulders of the child in front. The first in line is the dragon’s head, the last in line is the dragon’s tail.

The dragon’s head then tries to catch the tail by manoeuvring the line around so that he can tag the last player. All the players in the middle do their best to hinder the dragon’s head. Don’t let the line break!

When the head catches the tail, the tail player takes the front position and becomes the new dragon’s head. All the other players move back one position so everyone ends up having a turn!

Select Fruit

You will need a blindfold and a good amount of space. This is a great game to play with a large number or mid-sized groups of children. Divide the children into two teams and stand them on opposite sides of the room. If you play this game outside, just have the children stand in two lines facing each other.

Blindfold one member of one team and stand them just in front of their other team members.

Now one member of the other team must cross the room quietly and touch the blindfolded child, trying to keep their identity secret, then return to their place. That team can then shuffle themselves up, if they wish, to confuse the blindfolded child.

Remove the bindfold and have the child go over to the other team and try to guess which child touched them. They can try anything to make the guilty child stand out, perhaps by giggling or just looking guilty! After a few moments, they make a guess. If they are right, the guilty child goes back with them to join the other team. If they are wrong, the blindfolded child stays where they are and joins that team. If you remember playing heads up seven up as  child, you will find this game familiar.

Forcing the City Gates

You will need a group of at least 6 children. Two captains are chosen, and each picks his or her team mates. The two teams line up opposite each other, holding hands.

Now a child from one team starts by running at the other side’s line, trying to break through between two children. If he breaks through, the children on either side of him must go back with him and join his team. If he doesn’t, he stays and becomes a member of that team.

Alternate between the teams until one team’s wall is broken up. This game is very similar to Red Rover!


We hope these games provide family fun! For more ideas, check out our Pinterest.