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Everyone is Telling You To “Make the Right Decision” – But What Does That Really Mean?

April 11, 2019

You’re pregnant.

Soon, you will start to feel the kicks, the moves, and the heartbeat flutter of one of life’s most precious gifts. We are so excited for you. But we also understand that an unplanned pregnancy comes with questions, doubts, and anxieties. You may be asking yourself, What are my choices? What decisions do I need to make? There are a lot of things to consider before and after the baby is born.

People are telling you to “make the right decision,” but what does that mean?

Determining the next steps after a positive pregnancy test can be confusing and difficult. We believe that this decision is yours. We are here to empower you to make the best choice for yourself and the life that you are carrying. Whether you decide to make an adoption plan or choose to parent your child, we are here for you in this journey. Our hope is that you feel comforted and encouraged throughout this process.

The best decision for someone else may not be the best decision for you. We understand that.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What would parenting look like in my current situation?

2. What does the journey of becoming a birthmother look like for me?

Making an adoption plan is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. At New Beginnings, you have options when choosing the best plan for yourself and your baby.

What does making an adoption plan look like? Well, first, we want you to know that we are your champion and on your team. You have the right to be involved in every phase of creating an adoption plan. This includes having your questions answered honestly, utilizing the resources that we have for you, choosing the adoptive family and meeting with them. Should you decide to make an adoption plan, you have three options to choose from:

● Open adoption
● Semi-open adoption
● Closed/Confidential adoption

Having a support team is crucial in this journey. To learn more or get connected, please contact us. We believe there is hope in a New Beginning.