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Home Studies

September 16, 2013


If you are beginning your adoption journey , you have  likely heard the word “home study.” For some couples, this word might cause a feeling of  anxiety. For others, it’s an exciting step in  the adoption process.  Home studies are part of every adoption, and our experienced, warm, and friendly staff are here to help take the fear out of the home study process.

So what is a home study?

Home studies are designed to educate prospective adoptive parents about adoption, help them decide on the type of child they can best parent (age, special need, race, etc.), and evaluate their ability to parent an adopted child.

A home study interview typically includes 7 basic evaluations:

  • The adoptive parents’ relationship

  • Childhood and family relationships

  • Inspections of the home

  • Parenting ideals

  • Medical history

  • Employment verification

  • Financial status

  • Criminal background checks

Our home study social workers provide an overview of the home study process. We want to help your family better understand the entire process and what to expect.  Because we want to assist you with the appropriate placement, you will go through several interviews, which are beneficial for both you and your child. Your assigned social worker will conduct a minimum of 3 visits (domestic adoption) and 4 visits (international adoption). At least one of the interviews will be conducted at your home to ensure that your home is hazard free and meets state licensing standards. Be honest about your strengths,weaknesses and limitations with the social worker interviewing you – it is in the best interest for you and your adoptive child.  It typically takes three months for a study to be completed, depending on the family’s ability to assemble the required paperwork, it could be completed before three months or possibly take longer.


Homestudies in Mississippi and Tennessee

At New Beginnings, we can offer home studies to anyone wanting to adopt in Mississippi and Tennessee, even if you are not adopting through one of our programs. We are also the only Mississippi-based Hague accredited agency.  New Beginnings provides home study update services and domestic and international post-placement and post-adoption services.

Beyond the paperwork

Whatever emotion the word “home study” evokes for you, we encourage all potential adoptive parents to remember that we, as a home study agency, are not looking for the “perfect family” – we are looking for the best match between having the child’s needs met and a family’s ability to meet those needs.   You can be assured that New Beginnings will be by your side the whole way, guiding you through the process.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding the home study process, please contact Leah Graham at 662-842-6752, ext. 103.