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In Remembrance of an Adoption Supporter

February 6, 2015

Today we said a sad goodbye to a great leader, a great man, and a great friend. U.S. Representative Alan Nunnelee’s family released a statement earlier today that he has passed away after a nearly year-long battle with cancer.

Whatever we do and wherever we are, we are all tasked with making a difference in the lives of people around us. A few are given opportunities to make changes that affect more than just those around them, to affect whole communities, states and even countries. Rep. Nunnelee accepted that opportunity, and we believe made the most of it.

For 20 years, he’s defended the right to life. First as a representative of Lee and Pontotoc counties in the Mississippi state legislature and for the last four years as a Mississippi Congressman in Washington, D.C.

We’ve been privileged to know Rep. Nunnelee as he worked in both these offices. Because of his work and the work of others, the state of Mississippi is one of the safest places for unborn children. When he moved to Washington, his voting record stood behind his belief in protecting the rights of the unborn and adoption.

Rep. Nunnelee used his influence and his voting abilities to leave a lasting legacy. Countless lives have been changed by the work he did to support life and adoption on the political front.

New Beginnings is thankful for his voluntary service as the New Beginnings Celebration of Adoption chair for 8 years and co-chair for the last 2 years. We’ve said “thank you” countless times to Rep. Nunnelee and his family for their continued support. We’ll continue to remind his family of the great work he did to support the most precious members of our society.

He was more than our Congressman–someone we counted on to represent us well in Washington–he was our friend and he will be deeply missed. Please join us in praying for his wife Tori and their family in the days ahead.