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National Council For Adoption: Hall of Fame Ceremony

December 10, 2021

Held as an annual event since 1982, the National Council for Adoption hosted their Hall of Fame Ceremony and Reception last month in Washington, D.C. Our president, Tom Veilie, had the opportunity to attend this special event along with many other members of the adoption community, and his time there was nothing short of incredible. Filled with inspiring conversations and exciting connections, it was an experience to remember. 

Event Highlights 

During our time at the National Council for Adoption Hall of Fame Event, we celebrated and recognized several individuals who made impactful contributions to the adoption community. Our president, Tom, was able to connect with many individuals as he spoke with them on the cause of adoption. The event not only gave us the opportunity to share our agency but it also allowed us to learn more about the adoption community. 

He also heard from many speakers such as Dr. Elizabeth Bartholet, Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker, Representative Adam Smith, law firm: Sidley Austin LLP, and Kathryn Jean Lopez, all of whom received an award for their contributions in the field of adoption. We are so incredibly grateful for all of these impactful individuals, especially our own U.S Senator Roger Wicker, a long-term champion and advocate for adoption, who also received the “Friend of Adoption Award.”

It was incredible hearing from all of these awardees, and their combined efforts towards adoption created a voice for all members across the community including policymakers, adoptive families, agencies, and waiting children. Their contributions highlighted many areas in need of improvement including adoption policies and rights. As a result of their strong support and commitment towards the adoption cause, significant strides were made in these areas—placing both the adoption community and our agency in the right direction towards a better adoption system.

A huge congratulations to all the award recipients! Their contributions truly made a positive impact on the adoption community, and we can’t thank them enough for all their commitment and advocacy. We’re looking forward to attending next year’s event! Check out more of our experience at the National Council for Adoption ceremony here.