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Nepal Update: Both Ends Burning releases report on Nepal adoption suspension

June 26, 2014

In 2010, Lauren Kitchens-Steward, a New Beginnings adoptive mother, brought her beautiful daughter Channing home from Nepal. Unfortunately like many other Nepali adoptions, Lauren was forced to battle for her daughter against an unjust government suspension of adoptions from Nepal.

Only through the assistance of Senator Roger Wicker, New Beginnings, and other like-minded pro-adoption leaders and adoption agencies was it possible for Channing to leave Nepal. Due to this, questions arise including, “Why did the U.S. government create an arbitrary barrier for Lauren and 61 other American families?” as well as “Why are tens of thousands of children being denied the opportunity to grow to adulthood in a ‘family’ setting?”

Now Both Ends Burning, a nonprofit organization advocating for changes in international adoption, has asked Congress to help reverse the State Department’s suspension of adoptions from Nepal. Last week they released a report titled Paper Chains which challenges the reasoning behind the suspension.

As our previous report on the adoption status in Nepal stated, when this suspension was enacted,  62 families were in the final stages of adoption and hundreds others had begun the process. Every report of fraud filed against the families were found to be untrue and prevented children from coming home to their families an average of 201 days.

“The suspension has denied these abandoned orphan children the opportunity to find permanent loving families and also denied American families the opportunity to parent these children,” said the report.

Join with us to end this suspension and bring home Nepali children to their forever families. To find out more please read the following documents, including the report Paper Chains.