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Sharing Family Summertime Traditions

June 25, 2014

We all enthusiastically love summertime! That sentence can’t be written without an exclamation point. Every family has specific summer traditions that stick out in our minds as we nostalgically remember summer as children. One of my favorites centers around watermelon. We would go choose a watermelon then gather around the picnic table and consume copious amounts of watermelon. As a family welcoming a new child (or children), sharing these traditions becomes a crucial part of summer.

So what summer traditions should you pass on to your forever children, especially the ones who are not familiar with the American culture surrounding summer? Although the abundance of traditions exceeds what we can put here, we do have a few of our favorite family traditions to share with you.

  1. Home away from home. So many families have a special getaway that they retreat to during the summer. Whether it is a lake house or camping grounds, these specific places hold a special place. Sharing that tradition is such a sweet gift to your forever children.
  2.  Local Festivals. Every town has festivals during each season, like Amory’s Railroad Festival or Tupelo’s Gumtree Festival. Even your local farmer’s market can be an exciting experience for your children. Visit the festival together. Your child gets to taste the local culture as well as share in something you have participated in for years (for some their whole lives).
  3. Host a kids day in your community. One great idea is to have a mini triathlon for the kids. Allow them to race through the swimming pool, on their bikes, and finally on foot. Give out prizes at the end. You could also get the neighborhood parents to make food to go along with the games.
  4. Take a road trip. Whether to a state park or just to drive, often those moments of singing in the car and getting lost are some of the best summer traditions. You could even go stargazing at the end of your road trip.
  5. Have a picnic. Isn’t this the quintessential summer tradition? Pack a basket full of food. Get a red checkered blanket, and head out to have some picnic fun. Don’t forget the watermelon!

We hope these fun summer traditions will help you form your own with your forever family. If you’re ready to add to your forever family, call us at 662-842-6752. We’ll be happy to talk about our process with you and answer any questions.