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The Money Question: Tackling the Biggest Objection to Adoption

September 3, 2013


Prospective adoptive parents often have concerns on how they will meet the financial needs of adopting a child. Adoptive parents are usually faced with initial costs that can be challenging and stressful.

So what exactly am I paying for?

International and domestic adoptions can cost anywhere from about $15,000 to $40,000. Costs include but are not limited to:

● Adoption agency fees

● Home study fees (if your placing agency is in another state)

● U.S. Government processing fees

● Attorney and legal fees (at home and abroad)

● Lots of copies

● Court Fees

● Medical Expenses

● Filing Fees

● Post-placement or post-adoption fees

● Birth mother expenses

● Travel Expenses

Take into consideration that pricing can change due to some circumstances.

First and foremost, please don’t let the cost of an adoption scare you away. With some creativity and some generous agencies, foundations, individuals and churches, most families find a bridge between their budget and the actual cost of an adoption. How can I fund an adoption?

 Since 2009, the America’s Christian Credit Union (a great resource for New Beginning’s families) has helped find homes for over 870 children through their low-cost Adoption Loan.  This program was designed to help adoptive families find an affordable solution. The ACCU offers an adoption loan, home equity loan, and an adoption grant. With their motto being “To Reach, Serve, and Teach” the American Christian Credit Union can provide the help you need.

America’s Christian Credit Union (ACCU), also offers a GiveBack Visa Credit Card that not only gives back to you, but that makes a charitable donation to ministries involved in the community.  You’re able to gain reward points for travel, merchandise and much more.

 To learn more or to apply for a grant click here: loans/adoption-loans.html

 Another way to raise funds for an adoption is by having fundraising parties. Get the board of the agency you’re adopting from involved and ask previous donors to talk to friends and family about supporting an adoption. Set up events that involve the whole community, church-goers and co-workers. People talk. So invite as many people as you can and have those people invite their friends and families. Social media is booming-create an event on Facebook that can be linked to Twitter and ask your friends to share the post or retweet. New Beginnings partners with Momentum Advertising and will help you set up your personalized giving website.

Do you have some creative ideas for adoption fundraisers? We’d love to hear them! Share them in the comments. We may even share your idea on our Facebook page! If you would like to be a founding member of a New Beginning’s “Funding Adoption” Discussion Group, please e-mail