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Tom’s Visit to Taiwan

February 3, 2014


We’ve talked briefly about our newest Taiwan adoption program, but we haven’t go into a ton of details mostly because we’ve been working out the final details ourselves. We launched our non-infant adoption program with Poland last Spring and found an opportunity for a similar program in Taiwan.

Last fall, Tom Velie, President of New Beginnings International Children’s’ and Family Services, and Ron Stoddart, Executive Director of Nightlight Adoptions, traveled to Taiwan to build a secure relationship with Chung Yi (a Taiwan orphanage) in order to offer non-infant adoptions.

Following this visit, we have opened new opportunities for non-infant adoption of children from Taiwan. There is a significant need for non-infant adoption, with the majority in sibling groups between the ages of 5-9. We currently have several children available for adoption through this program with no waiting list.

Tom and Ron also had a chance to meet with Deana Pan with Morning Light Baby Home. In recent years the Taiwanese economy has recovered enough that adoption has become an option for them again. To make sure babies in that country have an opportunity to stay in their own country and culture, the Taiwan laws changed making infants available in-country for adoption for a longer period of time.

We’re excited to see babies in Taiwan have an opportunity at forever families in their own country. However, the need for non-infant adoption is still a present demand. If anything was learned from Tom and Ron’s visit to Taiwan, it is that there are children in desperate need of families. We currently have several children available for adoption with no waiting list.

If you have questions about adopting from Taiwan, please do not hesitate to call Amanda  at 662-842-6752.