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Dave and Jessica

Dear Birthmother,

Wow, you made it to this point. That says a whole lot about you. No matter the road that led you here, we want you to know how incredibly brave, selfless, and strong you are. You may not know it yet, but you’re a lot stronger than you realize. Life never throws obstacles our way that we’re not strong enough to endure. Whether you choose adoption or decide to parent, it takes a whole lot of love and guts to get to this point and we truly admire you. 

We know that you’ve wrestled with this decision and hope you find comfort and joy in your choice. We also hope you feel some of that comfort and joy looking at our family profile. We can tell you that our family is, and always will be, filled with adventure, faith, loyalty, and love. Faith and family come first in our house and we’re never afraid to get silly or weird. Our daughter Rose has a motto, “Farm girls never give up!” Our adopted child will feel that devotion on day one regardless of their race, gender, or age. Family is more to us than a picture on the family tree, and we promise to love your child unconditionally and raise them in a Christian environment surrounded by support and encouragement. They will always know how brave and selfless their mother is and how grateful we are for her choice.

About Us

Why, hello there! We, Dave and Jessica, have been married for 11 years. We met in college and have been glued together ever since. We have our daughter Rose, our dog Chief, and many fun and quirky chickens! We operate a family farm in the Midwest where we grow corn and soybeans. Our lives are constantly filled with the outdoors, sunshine, adventures, and muddy puddles!

From Dave: If I had to describe myself in a few words, it would be hard-working, outdoorsy, adventurous, and loyal. My greatest achievement is being a husband and father. I’m a proud father to our daughter Rose. She says she loves her Dad because I “tickle her” and do fun things with her. We’re constantly goofing off together and playing games. I love to include her in everything I do. I must have rubbed off on her because our daughter now says that when she grows up she wants to be a “fix-it girl!” On the farm things are always needing fixed. I’d say most of the time my hands are dirty from whatever project I’m working on but I’m always enjoying time outdoors with my family. My favorite color is blue. I’d say my ideal vacation is either snow skiing in the mountains of Colorado or fly fishing in the streams of Yellowstone. Some fun facts about me: I was captain of my high school football team, I can snow ski black diamond (expert level) trails, and I’ve always wanted to get my pilot’s license. We are blessed with acres of beautiful farmland but I have to say the view I love the most is from my front porch looking in at my family. I am so hopeful for more children to complete our family.

From Dave About Jessica: “She’s more than my better half, her love and support are unfailing. Her strongest desire and highest motivation is to be a mother to another child. She is happiest taking care of her family and home, which she does exceptionally well.”

From Jessica: If I had to describe myself in a few words, I’d say I’m a warm, outgoing, outdoorsy, heart-on-my-sleeve type of gal. I work part-time at our church baby pantry and I’m a stay-at-home mother to our daughter Rose. I especially love helping out at Rose’s school and cooking with her in the kitchen. Kids love to be included by learning hands on and I’d say that’s the philosophy I take with Rose. She goes where I go and does what I do. Living in the country provides all kinds of adventures and learning experiences. We garden together, take care of the chickens, and play wiffle ball as a family in the yard. I also love to take trips to town where we go to the library, swim at the public pool, and meet friends at the playground. My favorite color is yellow and one of my favorite books is Little Women. Fun facts about me, I’ve never broken a bone, I pour milk over my ice cream, and I have a burning desire to cook like Julia Child. In my down time, I like to draw (I’m very artsy), read, volunteer at church, and get our friends together for a “game night.” I’d say I’m most happy sitting on our front porch with a warm drink in hand chatting with my family. That’s me in a nutshell!

From Jessica About Dave: “Dave is the most loyal and hard-working man I’ve ever met. His love as a husband and father is always stable and constant. I feel I’ve hit the jackpot. I could never ask for a better man to be the center of our family. I am forever grateful.”

Our Home / Community

It has always been our dream to live on the family farm. We built our house in 2020 and expect to raise our children and finish our years there. Our home is spacious (4 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, and full basement), big front porch, and traditional. Our kitchen and living room is one big room and that’s where we all love to hang out together. Our home is nestled in the country with acres of beautiful yard and farmland surrounding it. Dave’s parents live just on the other side of the farm, so we always have support and daily interactions with them. We are always outside when the weather is nice and Rose loves to run over to grandma and grandpa’s for treats and play time. We live only 15 minutes away from town where Rose goes to a private school. Every year the town has a huge hometown festival. Last year, they had hot air balloons to ride in! There are several great parks/playgrounds nearby and even a little community movie theater. We love this little town and living in the country. It’s a wonderful, wholesome place to raise children.

Family Activities / Traditions

Our evenings are mostly centered around the dinner table. Jessica makes all of Rose’s birthday cakes homemade each year with fun themes and creative designs. Not one has been store bought! Every harvest, Dave makes it a point to have Rose and Jessica come for a ride in the tractor with him. Rose loves it because Dave always has the tractors stocked with “harvest candy” to snack on! Every Christmas Jessica prepares our traditional lil advent house with candy and fun little toys for Rose. She just loves opening a door each day to see what’s in there! Jessica also likes to bake sugar cookies from her great-great-grandmother’s old recipe. At times when the family is tired from a long day and no one feels like cooking, we’ll have “hodge podge” night! This is where all of us raid the fridge and eat popcorn for dinner. Those nights are Rose’s favorite. For the last 3 years, we shared a family garden with Dave’s parents next door. Rose was given the special responsibility of planting her own row of carrots. She has tended to them well and takes pride in her crop! Along with our dog Chief, we also own chickens – Henny Penny and Crazy Daisy are Rose’s favorites. She collects the eggs and says that everyday is like Easter. Rose loves to play “dog show” with Chief and pulls him around the yard showing off his doggie obedience!

We also spend time with family and friends at the lake and the local county fair on the 4th of July each year. Our extended families are big, boisterous, and bursting at the seams! We always get together for holidays and special events. Rose has 5 great grandparents and three sets of grandparents! Rose gets showered with so much love from them. Dave and his family love to snow ski and try to make it out each winter to the slopes. We take at least one family vacation every year. Some of the places we’ve been to in the past are Yellowstone National Park, Florida, Wisconsin lake fishing, South Dakota, and Lake Michigan. We love to travel!

Our Adoption Journey

Since we married, we have always pictured ourselves as having a big family. Both of our extended families have been big, and we take joy in being in the presence of family which is filled with lots of laughter, love, teasing, and games. Adoption had been on our list of wants since we married, and when we tried for our daughter Rose, things came easy. We were over-the-moon with the joy a child brought to our family. Fast forward 7 years and conceiving hasn’t been so easy for us. It is unlikely that we will ever conceive another child. Since it has always been on our hearts to adopt someday, we’ve embraced it wholeheartedly and are so hopeful for more children to complete our family. Our daughter Rose is constantly asking for a brother or sister and she prays every night for a sibling. She “mother hen’s” little children which is the most adorable thing to watch, and she is so excited to welcome a sibling! There is no doubt in our mind that she would love our adopted child unconditionally. 

A Little More About Us…





Stay-at-Home-Mom/Part time volunteer




Favorite Hobby

Snow Skiing


Favorite Food

Fried Chicken

Ribeye Steak

Favorite Dessert

Pumpkin Pie

Anything with Peanut Butter and Chocolate

Favorite Holiday

4th of July


Favorite Movie

It’s a Wonderful Life

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Favorite TV Show

The Office

The Office 

Favorite Music Artist/Group

Aaron Watson

Frank Sinatra

Favorite Vacation Spot