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Shawn and Mindy

Dear Birthmother,

First and foremost, we want to thank you so dearly for taking the time to consider our family as your child’s potential adoptive parents. We want to begin by letting you know just how much you are deeply loved and treasured by us. Thank you for choosing to give the gift of life to your child and the courage you have to make an adoption plan for their future. We cannot pretend to understand what all you are going through as you make this brave decision, but we want to let you know how much we admire you, love you, and are on your side, both now and always. Your loving and selfless decision to put together an adoption plan for your child shows just how strong you are. We pray for you and for your child every day. We hope that you will feel surrounded by peace as you choose a forever family for your precious child. We have so much love to give and are honored that you are taking the time to consider us as your little one’s forever family. We hope you enjoy learning more about our family and can see how your child would so perfectly fit into our life and family. We already love your child so much and would be honored to welcome your child into our home.


About Us

Our story started back in 2017, when we were set up by mutual friends to attend a baseball game with friends on July 4th. Right at the start, Shawn fell in love with Mindy’s gentle smile and warm personality and Mindy could very easily tell what a generous, kind, and humble guy Shawn was. At the end of the date, Shawn asked for Mindy’s number to be able to ask her on a date. We like to say it was love at first sight, and God continued to confirm how we were meant to be together. We went on three special dates, before Mindy had to move to Indiana for her first job as an engineer, only two weeks later. While Mindy was going to be moving, there was no denying that we had to see each other again.  Not long after, we were staying up on the phone all night, talking, and seeing each other every chance we could get.  Shawn proposed to Mindy where we had one of our first dates, and we were married on December 8, 2018 – less than a year and a half after we first met!

We have now been married almost 6 years. We are both alike in so many ways, which is a big part of why we believe God placed us together and why our marriage works so easy. Our faith in God is the most important part of both of our lives and that shapes our marriage and everything we do. We are both sentimental, loving, caring, and loyal individuals. We believe family is one of the biggest blessings in our lives and enjoy time spent together with them frequently. We believe in collecting experiences and memories over things and could spend all our time outdoors. A few of our favorites include traveling, fishing, gardening, and camping. We cannot wait to have a little one to go through life with and are excited to grow our family through the blessing of adoption.

Our Home / Community

We are so grateful for our home and community. Our goal is to make our home the safest place on earth for each other and for our future children. A home should be a haven, and we are thankful for the home that we get to share. We live in a single-story house, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a large family room. It is located in a safe, well-established, family-friendly neighborhood, under a beautiful canopy of oak trees. We have mostly young families in our neighborhood and our home is always open to friends and neighbors. Our neighbors’ kids love to come over to hang out in our yard, eat a popsicle or two, and play with our two dogs, Dixie and Junie. We enjoy working in our yard and spend a lot of time outside making our home a place we love to retreat to at the end of the day.

We also live very close to our church which we are very involved in. We have a wonderful community of friends that love us, pray for us, and have supported us in our journey to a family the past several years. They are all very excited for us to welcome a special angel into our family and community.

Family Activities / Traditions

We have a lot of family activities and traditions we enjoy together. We love to go on a walks with our dogs around the neighborhood when we get home from work, have a big breakfast on Saturday mornings, and attend church on Sundays. Each year, we enjoy gardening in the Spring, vacationing to the beach or mountains in the summer, hayrides in the fall, and driving around looking for Christmas lights in December. 

We both love the outdoors very much, so we find any chance we can to get out of the house and explore. Both of our parents’ homes are our favorite for this reason. Mindy’s parents live on a creek where we enjoy time there canoeing, fishing, and exploring all over the creekside. Shawn’s parents still live on the farm he grew up on, and we love our time there enjoying the barn, land, and tractor rides.

We also like to travel and hope to check off as many states and national parks on our bucket list as possible.  We especially like camping and scenic routes.  A few of our favorites to visit are Colorado, Montana, Washington DC, the Smoky Mountains, and the Gulf Coast/Alabama & Florida beaches. 

We both come from large families, so your child will be surrounded by lots of love with many cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. We spend every holiday together with both of our families and hangout many weekends in between. Most of our gatherings revolve around good food and great fellowship.  We have an adopted niece on Shawn’s side and a cousin that has adopted 2 children, so adoption is very important and honored in our family. We know your child will be surrounded by a loving and caring family that treasures their story and your journey.

Our Adoption Journey

Adoption has been on our hearts since those first few dates we met. On our very first date, we discussed how many children we wanted to have and Shawn brought up wanting to grow his family through adoption one day. Little did we know that just a few years later, we would be going through the trenches of infertility and pursuing adoption so soon. We have been married going on 6 years and have been actively trying to start a family for over 3 years. Shawn is 32 and Mindy is 29 years old. After over 3 years filled with tests, blood draws, exams, shots, and over 7 failed fertility procedures through IUI and IVF, we are excited to open our hearts and arms to the plan God has had for us all along through adoption. We know He has placed such deep compassion and love in our hearts for this very reason. We care deeply for your child and for you as their mom. We would love the opportunity to provide your child with a loving, nurturing, and caring home that will protect them and raise them in truth. We commit to honor you and your story throughout their life. Thank you for considering us in your adoption plan.

A Little More About Us…





Chemical Engineer


Medical School, MD

Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering

Favorite Hobby

Fishing, Exploring, Traveling

Hosting Friends, Gardening, Sewing, Traveling

Favorite Food

BBQ Ribs, Cornbread

Pot Roast & Gravy, Mashed Potatoes

Favorite Dessert

Key Lime Pie

Banana Pudding

Favorite Holiday



Favorite Movie

The Patriot

The Sound of Music

Favorite TV Show

The Office

HGTV HomeTown

Favorite Music Artist/Group

Hillsong United

Alabama, Oldies, 90s Country

Favorite Vacation Spot


Colorado, Montana, & the Beach